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Twist & Shout  Competition Information and Regulations
Our advisory committee is reviewing the competition rules for 2024.  Be aware the rules may change. 
Any rule changes will be finalized by October 2023

Hairband Competition

3 Minute Speed Sculpture

3 Minute and Hairband Competitions

1. Contestants will need to sign up by a pre-determined date as agreed upon by Twist and Shout.

2. Once entered, contestants will choose a designated time to create their entry/entries in front of a governing panel. The panel does not serve as a judging body, but rather to monitor the activity of the competitors and make sure they are competing within the rules and restrictions of the competition.

3. When a competitor's allotted competition time is scheduled, they will have the following requirements:

    A. They must be logged in and live on the Zoom call before the designated start time

    B. They must show a clear work space around them free from obstruction

    C. They must be ready to go with all materials and supplies at their disposal before the competition session begins.

    D. They must not leave the live call at any time for any reason, including signal interruption.

4. At the allotted time, a designated time keeper on the governing panel will announce the start of the competition. The competitors will then be allowed to begin construction of their pieces.

5. The governing panel will then serve to watch as many as six (6) competitors at one time, making sure that he or she follows the rules of the competition.

6. A competitor may be disqualified if at any time he or she leaves the view of the live feed or it can be concluded that enough of their person (ie hands, upper body etc) has left the visible area of the Zoom feed to lead to the possibility that they may have used pre-made components to then add to their piece.

7. A competitor may be disqualified if at any time they drop off the live competition session they are registered for. It is imperative that competitors be sure they have adequate internet speed or capability before they agree to compete in any T&S live competition.

8. The time keeper will announce updates as needed throughout the competition. Those updates will be told to the competitors prior to the start of the competition session.

9. At the end of the competition session, all competitors are to stop construction as they would in the standard competition. Competitors will then be asked to hold their entries up to the camera for a static shot of the piece for documenation purposes.

10. All eligible entries will be placed in a photo gallery and voted on by those deemed eligible to do so. The location of the album and those eligible are to be determined.

11. The same first, second and third place awards will be presented to the top three finishers.

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