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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Bring?


Nothing except an open mind, some fingers to twist, and a friendly attitude. Other items you might want to bring: Camera with lots of memory space or extra memory cards, business cards, a notebook to take lots of notes, ideas and stolen jokes and one-liners, balloons (but there will be plenty there to purchase and free samples as well) and a way to inflate them, no-dozww, Red Bull, coffee or your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Is there a Fee for Each Class?

No! All classes (except pre-convention Master Classes) are included in your Registration Fee.

What Does My Registration Fee Include?


Your registration fee includes:

  • All regular T&S classes

  • A goodie bag filled with free samples, coupons and other fun stuff!

  • Admission to the vendor area

  • Admission to the 23-hour-a-day Jam Room (and any free samples the balloon companies give out)

  • (Jam room will be closed during ALL evening events)

  • Many chances to hob-nob and pick the brains of the best balloon instructors around

  • Entry to all the balloon competitions, and voting privileges to said competitions

  • Free Admission to the Dress and Costume Competition Fashion Show

  • Free Admission to the Stage Entertainment Competition Show

  • Gala Banquet Awards Show Saturday Night

Twist & Shout Kids Policy


Twist & Shout has a $225 registration rate for kids 12 and under. They will be allowed into all areas of the convention and treated as any other convention attendee, although they will get a kids meal at the banquet. For their safety, all children should be accompanied at all times by an adult with either their own convention badge or a T&S issued parental ID. If any child is found without his or her guardian, they both may be asked to leave the convention.

Is there a Jam Room pass?

Not anymore. Too many people were abusing the Jam Room. Now, it is just included with your registration. This means, no outsiders will be allowed to take up the time of our fabulous teachers and they will be all yours!

What is the T&S Cancellation Policy?

Twist & Shout will only accept written notices of cancellation.
Cancellations on or  before the January 1, 2024 will receive a full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee per registration.

Cancellations January 2 - 30, 2024 will be eligible for a 50% refund

Cancellations after February 1st, 2024 will receive no refund. 

T&S will allow you to sell your registration to another person, as long as you notify Twist & Shout as soon as possible,  If you fail to notify T&S, you will forfeit your registration fee.

How Can I Become an Instructor for T&S ?

Anyone wishing to be a Twist & Shout Instructor (including all past instructors) must fill out an Instructor Application. This form will include ask for your contact information as well as biography and past experience teaching and titles and descriptions of the classes you would like to offer. The application form needs to be submitted to the T&S offices by end of August for consideration for the next convention. Application forms can be downloaded by right-clicking HERE.

What Airport Should I use?

Airport: Chicago O'Hare International Airport ORD

The hotel provides a FREE hotel shuttle to/from ORD only.

How Do I get From the Airport to the Hotel?

In addition to the Free O'Hare Airport Shuttle, you can :

Rent a car

Phone a Friend


What is the Fine Print?


By attending or entering this Twist & Shout balloon convention, you consent to have your work and likeness photographed and videotaped by the Twist & Shout staff, convention sponsors, attendees, guests and others. By attending or entering this convention you further consent to allow these photos/videos to be displayed anywhere in all forms and media for any lawful purpose, including publication without remuneration or further notice to you.  Twist & Shout reserves the right to share your Email address and mailing address with the vendors and sponsors at T&S.  T&S will never sell your information to entities, corporations, businesses or individuals who are not associated with T&S.


How do I get to the Hotel if I am Driving?

Driving Directions

What Do I Do if I have Special Dietary Needs?

**** If you have any food allergies, or dietary requirements ******

(Vegetarian/Vegan), please note them on your registration form. We will need to know any special requirements by at least 30 days before the convention start, in order to accomodate your request


If you have other special dietary requirements, you will need to contact the hotel directly and make arrangements

Twist & Shout T-Shirts

T&S will usually run a Facebook competition to determine the t-shirt design. The winner receives a free T&S T-shirt.


We prefer that you pre-order your convention shirt when you register. However, we usually have a few extra on-hand at the registration desk, They go on sale at the Registration desk Noon on Saturday, but they sell out fast. For Extra Large Sizes (2X - 4X), no additional shirts will be available - All oversized shirts MUST be pre-ordered. Shirts can be pre-ordered until January 15, 2024

The Hotel Requires that We Post This:

Hotel Liquor Regulations: Hotel’s liquor license requires that alcoholic beverages only be supplied and dispensed by Hotel employees. Alcohol service will be denied to those guests who appear to be intoxicated or under age. Hotel will refuse service to guests without proper identification. State Law limits the service of alcoholic beverages to (2) drinks per person per trip to the bar. Hotel reserves the right to discontinue service for the entire event should this be deemed necessary and reasonable.

What Else Do I Need to Know About?


There are a few unofficial events that have become tradition among the Twist & Shout attendees:


Pajama Jam: After the Wednesday welcome reception and competitions, Tawney Noreen hosts a Late Nite Pajama Jam in the Jam Room. Pajama contests, twisting contests and tons of fun! Estimated start time 11 pm. The Pajama Jam is just a welcoming atmosphere that says we're a community of crazy people. So, it's fun, relaxed, and not structured at all. We'll have contests, story time, and both balloon companies are donating prizes- we find creative ways to give it all away!


Join the Twist & Shout FaceBook Group

Many Twisters are making plans to come in early or stay after the convention to relax, play tourist and enjoy the fun of the location around the hotel.  Many are making plans to meet up and see shows, tour or head off to a spa.  If you's like to get a group together, join up with others or just see what's happening, come join the group at

What is the Gristy?


The Gristy is an award Twist & Shout gives each year to a balloon artist that demonstrates the values of the late David Grist. He was a mentor, friend, talented artist, and teacher from England. The core values he had were Inspiration, Innovation, Friendship, and Joy towards all his fellow artists. The award has been presented in the past to:

  • Don Caldwell

  • Royal Sorell

  • John Holmes

  • Ralph Dewey

  • Robbie Furman

  • Ken Stillman

  • "Stretch" Clendennen

  • Balloon HQ (Larry Moss, Mark Balzer and Sheena Beaverson)

  • Guido Verhoeff (x2)

  • Debbie Stevens

  • Alberto Nava

  • Kathy Landess

  • Todd Neufeld

What is the Top Twister Award?


To be eligible for the Top twister Award, you must enter Small, Medium, and Large Artistic Balloon Competitions. The winner is determined by adding the total number of votes in all 3 categories. Past winners include:

  • Debbie Stevens

  • Rie Hosokai

  • Vicky Kimble

  • Fabrizio Bolzoni

  • Jack Mattson

  • Daniel Herron

  • Rob Balchunas

  • Nancy Dalton

  • Mark Verge

  • Dennis Scott

  • Jason Secoda

  • Dustin Queary

  • Andria Noel

  • Derek Wong

  • Eric Weinstein

  • Stephanie Morace

  • Marie Dadow

Where Will Twist & Shout Be Next Year?

​Our 2024 location will be announced at the 2023 Awards Gala. 




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