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Dave Brenn

Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Understanding Balloon Performance

Get ready to have fun and learn how to make a fun and engaging show of your own. In this class you will see Dave's current show in its entirety, followed by a detailed breakdown of the structure. You will learn how to confidently take your skill as a balloon twister to the stage and entertain an entire audience with just one balloon.
There will not be any hands on twisting in this class, but be prepared to perform!

Live Show!
Join Dave Brenn as he performs his show for a real audience here at the (hotel name). As a perk to hotel staff and their families, we are offering tickets for this show as well as a tour of the sculpture competition room. This is a perfect opportunity to observe how Dave sets up a space for a live show, how he engages the audience and creates the experience of a show, and most importantly, how he deals with the reactions of a real audience!

Todd Neufeld

Going Pro

Do you want to elevate your balloon-twisting from just for fun to fun plus money? If so, this class is for you! While you may already have the tools you need to twist great art, not all artists are naturals when it comes to the business side of things. The skills and strategies used by successful working professionals are completely different than the skills of top twisters. Todd Neufeld has spent the last 20+ years working with, and learning from, the best in our business. He will cover what it takes to go from a hobbyist or part-time twister to a business professional. You will learn how to set up and run your business, how to manage and pace events, and how to develop unique shows and presentations. 




Ready, Set, Twist!

Balloon twisting workshops are big fun and big money! Workshops are popular at schools, camps, libraries, community groups, after school programs, and more. They fill your weekdays with gigs, are fun to do, easy to book, and often result in referrals and even more shows. In this class, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of developing content, planning, running, and marketing balloon twisting workshops while having lots of fun along the way. 

Donna Egan Cochrane

Building Rapport With Kids  - Interacting and connecting with children made easy.
How to build rapport with kids to make your twisting and entertaining life fun and have your audience eating out of the palm of your hand.   There are many techniques you can incorporate into your daily twisting, line work and performance routines that can win the kids over and encourages the children to pay attention to you.
Have you ever felt like a production line? Noticed the children bored waiting in line? Or realised the kids are losing attention during your show?  Miss Donna’s class has the answer for you.
She has been entertaining kids since she was 13 year old and would love to teach you some of the techniques she has learned on how to interact, control and build a fun bond between the entertainer/twister and young audiences.

Balloon Business & Markets
So you love the art of balloons – it’s a great medium for creativity and it makes people happy. But how do you turn the fun creative work into income? Join Miss Donna as she goes through the basic fundamentals and stepping stones to creating a successful business. In this class she also includes tips on selling balloons at an event or market (Artisan Markets, Flee Markets etc) Selling balloons at a market is something Miss Donna has done successfully for over 12 years. It is a great way to market yourself while making some extra income.

Jan Balloonim

Sponsored by Betallic Balloons
Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Jan’s Beautiful Betallatex Balloon Garden

Get back to nature when you learn Jan Balonim’s signature techniques for creating a multitude of twisted flowers, leaves, trees and other garden goodies. He’ll teach you step by step how to create his amazing signature sculptures with Betallatex balloons. Get ready to elevate your skill level with Jan’s brilliant and impressive personal techniques in a variety of woven, twisted and simple distortion designs in sizes from dainty to WOW for customers with budgets to match. Jan will also show you how to create a stunning flamingo to inhabit your new garden. Don’t miss this technique-intensive class featuring a master international artist.


Oh Baby! Designs by Jan Balonim

Join Jan in this special-delivery class of personal sculptures for trend-setting celebrations that are ALL about babies! Baby celebrations are bigger than ever. With numerous opportunities to help parents-to-be announce exciting gender reveals, adorn pretty-as-a-picture baby showers, and present adorable gift sculptures, you’ll want to learn all of Jan’s designs to tap into this lucrative market. Jan will share his most popular and successful balloon sculptures, including Betallatex 60 series super-sweet balloon babies, stork sculptures, a woven baby carriage and even a baby carousel full of his impressive twisted techniques that you’ll use over and over in all of your designs. Get with the baby trend and expand your repertoire for this important occasion.

Increase Your Skills and Creativity: Jan Balonim’s Master Distortion Techniques

Master Class Wednesday January 29th only

Learn from a master of an incredibly creative skill. Join Jan Balonim as he shares the secrets of his success with ultra-creative Master Distortion Techniques in his class created exclusively for Twist & Shout 2019. Artists who attend will gain brand-new skills for creating sculptures that are above and beyond intriguing. He’ll lead you through a series of highly creative distortion techniques and treatments in a four-hour, hands-on class that will increase the visual value of your designs from simple to absolutely stunning balloon sculptures. Learn to inflate, shape and manipulate Betallatex balloons in a variety of sizes and shapes for accent balloons. Then get ready to build an extraordinary sculpture Jan has planned for each of you to master distortion skills and experience all of the creative possibilities!

Nicole Greg

Sponsored by QualatexBalloons

QL QT’S (Quick Links Cuties)

In this class you will learn a versatile modular face structure using Quick Links.
It will give you endless design opportunities like animals, birds, characters, and more.
You are only limited by your imagination. So join Nicole for this Quick Link adventure.
These designs are quicker than you think ;)

Once Upon a Quick Link

In a land far far away lived many different princess and storybook characters.
In this class Nicole will share Quick Link concepts and modular designs which will allow to recreate many different princesses and storybook characters. Let them leap off the pages and come to life. As you know, it is “Quicker with the Link”

Would you like a Quick Link with that design?

Master Class Wednesday January 30th only

In this masterclass Nicole would love to share with you her Quick Link journey and many different concepts and designs using Quick Links.
She truly believes Quick Links are a great tool for Twisters to give creations substance, dynamic design, and structure in a quick effective way.
We will look at many different ways to incorporate not only the 6” Quick Link but also the 12” Quick Link in a QL supersized way.
Nicole will show how to shape and manipulate the Quick Link and the many ways we can use it.
You will leave this class with not only techniques, concepts, and ideas but also multiple designs.
But the main thing that Nicole wants you to gain from this masterclass is Inspiration, Inspiration to create and play with concepts and ideas.

Justin Reams

Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Oh “Deer”… it’s Line Work!

Join Justin in this class full of clever and cute Betallatex sculptures to satisfy the unusual line requests you hear over and over. You’ll learn how to make Big Daddy Deer, LuLu the Llama, Gruffy the Goat and a super-fast take on a Mouse named Mickey, plus other step-by-step designs. Your clients will love the variety and look of these trendy sculptures and you’ll love adding them to your repertoire. Come ready to twist and learn!



“Arch” You Glad You’re Twisted?

What’s holding you back from decor? In this class, Justin will teach you how your twister skills can easily increase your business and set your work apart. By incorporating easy twister techniques to transform classic arches into more visually interesting decor, you can offer existing and new customers a fresh, exciting option for their events. Justin will begin with frames, bases, poles and professional hardware information, then lead you through several arch designs with added twisted techniques to show you just how easy it is to create arches as an add-on sale.  You’ll be so glad you’re twisted when you learn how to create and sell arches for every holiday and occasion with snowmen, unicorns, bunnies and hearts. You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start offering arches sooner!

(These designs are quicker than you think ;)

David Lima

Lima Twist (Hands-On Class)


In this class, David Lima will teach his signature “Lima Twist”. He will be teaching variations of the twist using different sizes of balloons, connecting them, chaining with them, and attaching them. Additionally, he will introduce various applications on simple designs.

More complex designs using the “Lima Twist”

(Hands-On Class)


This class is designed for the artist who wants to get more technical with the “Lima Twist.” We will create more elaborate and complex designs using the “Lima Twist”.

Rei Nakasone

Ninja Twisting! Quick and easy killer designs
In the Japanese street performance style, Rei will teach some of her fast, easy but deadly effective twisting sculptures in this hands-on class.
For everybody who does line work, restaurants and street performances and is interested in adding fresh speed designs to their repertoire, make sure you don’t miss this class.

The Art of Street Performance
If you know how to make a human connection instead of just making a balloon sculpture while performing, you are able to give something special and memorable to each and every person in your audience.
The energy you give, you will also receive making your performance not a skill exercise but a happy and fun dialogue with your spectators. Rei will demonstrate her unique way of communicating with the audience and share valuable lessons, tips and tricks from her years of experience working at Disney World, Cruise Ships and doing street performances. As a special bonus she will share for the first time about her interactive theater show collaboration where she combines balloons art, traditional dance and audience participation in theaters in Europe and Asia.

Scott Tripp

Random and Strange


Have you worked with young people lately? They are weird creatures! How do you connect with an audience that speaks in memes, tweets and odd obsessions? You have to learn to speak the language of "Random and Strange!” In this presentation, you'll learn that "random" is never truly random, and there's a science to weird. We’ll look at what works, why it works, and how to apply it. Plus you'll see a dozen or so examples of bizarre balloons you can add to your toolbox, giving you an instant boost in learning the language of “Random and Strange!”

Print & Twist Balloons


Print and Twist Balloons:  Balloons DIE!!! They pop! They break! They deflate! leaving in their wake a trail of sadness, tears, and devastation. But... 


What if you had a lasting souvenir sitting inside the balloon? 


These Lil’ Paper Buddies are a creative way to add something completely unique to your balloon designs while cleverly passing out your promotional material. Fun, colorful, and cute, your clients will love these adorable, fully customizable, printable labels, stickers, and postcards that fit perfectly into your creations. 

Suzanne Haring

Stage Presence


Stage Presence: Get out of your chair and move around in this high energy, interactive performance workshop. By accessing your body and breath, Suzanne will show you how to make strong, lasting connections with people by creating a theatrical experience every time you twist a balloon. A performance isn’t limited exclusively to the stage. Balloon performance is in the art of knowing how to hold an audience’s attention while they watch the process of creation. Using a combination of theatre games, breathing techniques, and the art of play, you’ll learn how to turn your line into an audience and your one-on-one interactions into intimate performances. 


You will not be sitting still for this class. Be prepared to MOVE!

Larger Than Life


Larger Than Life Balloon Costumes: Balloon costumes are unique, interactive, and all around fun! But... they are also a lot of work. They require skill, endurance, and if you’re wearing one yourself, some serious performance chops! With clients like Disney and the White House, Suzanne Haring is a master at breathing life and personality into her incredible, massively scaled costume. In this class, she’ll walk you through her process of creation, performance, and pitch. Learn where she gets her inspiration, how she sustains a performance, and where she sells the darn things! 

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