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Timed / Agility Competitions

The timed twisting competitions are the fun part of the Twist & Shout’s kick-off. The competitions take place immediately after the welcome reception on Wednesday of the convention and voting is open for an hour afterwards. All attendees are encouraged to participate in these competitions. You can participate by entering one or more of the timed competitions and by voting in all of them.Timed categories are:

3 minute Sculpture
10 minute Sculpture
10 minute Hairband or Wristband (You may only do one or the other, not both.)
12 minute Large Wearable (examples include Back-Packs, Ride-Insides, etc)
Rules for Voters
  1. Only fully-registered attendees can vote in the competitions.

  2. Each person may cast one vote per category.

  3. Your ballots are included with your registration badge. Please do not lose them or you

    will not be able to vote.

  4. You are forbidden from giving your ballot to anyone else

  5. You may not touch or take any of the sculptures away from the competition without permission from T&S staff and the artist. Sculptures may be moved to the competition room for display or photos.

  6. You vote by writing the number of your chosen sculpture on your ballot. Votes must be written legibly. If we can't read it, we can’t count it.

  7. Timed competition voting will take place Wednesday night immediately after the competitions end.

  8. Voting will end 1-hour after the final competition of the night. All votes must be in by that time in order to be counted.

  9. Awards will be given for first, second, and third place in each category as well as Top Twister Agility.

  10. Timed twisting awards will be announced during Saturday nights banquet.

  11. In order to be considered for the Top Twister Agility Prize, a competitor must enter the 3

    minute Sculpture, 10 minute Sculpture, 10 minute Hairband/Wristband AND 12 minute

    Large Wearable Competitions.

  12. The Top Twister Agility Prize is awarded to the competitor who receives the highest

    number of votes total in the 3 minute Sculpture, 10 minute Sculpture, 10 minute Hairband or Wristband and 12 minute Large Wearable competition categories.

Rules for Contestants
  1. Only fully-registered attendees can enter the competitions.

  2. All of these competitions are limited to 50 contestants each. You may sign up for these

    contests when you register. After 50 sign-ups you will be added to a waiting list. If you are not able to sign up when you register, please email and you will be added to the waiting list, first come, first served.

  3. You may only enter one figure per category.

  4. You may not have help from friends building your sculptures, you must be the only

    designer and hands-on twister of your pieces.

  5. Awards will be given for first, second, and third place in each category, as well as Top

    Twister - Agility as long as there are 4 or more entrants in the category.

  6. Competitors are required to bring their own balloons, inflators, and hairbands.


Rules for the Timed Competition Sculptures
  1. All entries must be made from balloons.

  2. There are four categories in the timed competitions: 3 minute Sculpture, 10 minute

    Sculpture, 10 minute Hairband or Wristband, 12 minute Large Wearable

  3. Competitors will line up along tables supplied in the competition area of the room and

    may only twist in that area.

  4. No pre-inflation or preparation (e.g., double-stuffing) of balloons is allowed.

  5. Competitors can use any materials they wish in addition to balloons, such as markers.

  6. There is no size limit for sculptures in this competition.

  7. There are no themes for these competitions.

  8. The competition proctor will announce the start time, and announce 30-second (or 1-minute) intervals and a 10 to 0 second countdown at the end. Once time has been called, competitors must immediately put down all materials and step away from their sculptures. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  9. All pieces must have the artists’ registration number in a visible location. See a T&S staff member if you have not gotten your badge yet.

  10. Wearable competitors must wear their own creations or have someone wear it for them. Wearable pieces must clearly display the competitors badge number on the piece.

  11. Sculptures are the property of Twist & Shout and may be featured at the convention. 

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