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Stage Performance Competition

Twist & Shout’s annual Stage Performance is a unique and wonderful event. It is both the convention’s Friday night entertainment and a coveted competition. The evening boasts the world’s best balloon cabaret/variety show, and always showcases new and diverse balloon acts. Parts of the evening are designed to produce an excellent night of entertainment, and parts are designed to facilitate a fair competition. Every year the show is different and always a lot of fun for the contestants and the audience. If you have an act, we want you on our stage!

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Rules for Voters

Fully-registered attendees of T&S cast 1 vote in the "People’s Choice" Category immediately after the show.


Rules for Contestants
  1. Each performer in the Stage Performance Competition must be a fully registered attendee of Twist & Shout Balloon Convention.

  2. You can sign up for the Stage Performance Competition when you register for T&S, or by contacting Patty or other T&S staff separately.

  3. The number of competitors is limited to twelve (12), on a first come first serve basis. The stage management team retains the discretion to further limit the number, or allow additional acts, as circumstances dictate.You may perform as an entertainment team, but only one registrant can be considered the contestant for scoring and award purposes.

  4. Each competitor must attend the tech rehearsal on Friday morning (time and location to be announced at the convention start).

  5. Score sheets will be available to competitors after the awards are announced Saturday night.


Rules for Performances
  1. All performances must feature balloons, or use balloons as an intrinsic part of the show.

  2. The performance may not exceed seven (7) minutes performance. Performances should

    be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 7.

  3. Each performer is responsible for communicating all technical requirements and set

    up/strike information to our stage management crew.

  4. Set-up and break-down time should be as short as possible and the timing must be discussed with the stage managers at the tech rehearsal.

  5. The organizer will determine the performance order after the tech rehearsal.

  6. Each competitor must perform in succession according to the determined order.

  7. If the competitor is not prepared to perform when their time is due that participant may

    be disqualified.

  8. One minute before the time limit expires a yellow light will be displayed to the performer.

  9. At seven minutes a red light will be displayed. Performances exceeding seven minutes

    will get a zero score for presentation skills.

  10. The performance must be family friendly or it will be disqualified. (no swearing, no nudity,

    no sexual inuendo)


Guidelines for Performances
  1. Performers will provide the MC a short written introduction or suggestions of phrases for their intros.

  2. A sound system will be provided with standard audio inputs. Please have your sound file ready on arrival to the convention on a USB drive or portable audio device.

  3. T&S will provide a wireless microphone, however performers are encouraged to bring their personal mic and receiver.

  4. The performing area will be a raised platform with pipe and drape and/or a balloon backdrop and wings.



Seven judges will be selected by the convention organizers. They will be a mix of balloon professionals, lay persons, and/or entertainment industry professionals.

  1. The judges are expected to act impartially and to advise if there is a conflict of interest.

  2. The judges will score each act on a 90-point scale:

    • ●  Presentation, up to 30 points.

    • ●  Technical skills, up to 20 points.

    • ●  Originality, up to 20 points.

    • ●  Use of balloons, up to 20 points.

  3. Additionally, the stage management team will award up to 10 points total for professionalism. These points are easy to earn!

  • Information: Provided before arrival or at Registration on arrival to convention, the performer will submit their competitor information sheet (including cast size),

  • A working music file, and a list of props and set advising on the approximate space required (5 points)

  •  Tech Rehearsal: arrive on time for the tech rehearsal (2 points); Competitors that do not come to the tech rehearsal are disqualified

  • Show night: arrive for prepared by call time (3 points)An act that goes over the 7-minute time limit will receive zero (0) points for presentation (regardless of the quality of the performance)

Fully-registered attendees in the audience cast 1 vote in the "People’s Choice" category.

The People’s Choice award will be open for voting at the end of the show for 30-minutes.

The Awards:
  1. For each competitor, the highest scoring and lowest scoring judge sheet will be discarded, and the sum total of the remaining 5 score sheets will be tallied.

  2. The votes of the judges will be added up and three prizes will be given:

    • ●  First Place, to the competitor that receives the highest total score.

    • ●  Second Place, to the competitor that receives the second highest score.

    • ●  Third Place, to the competitor that receives the third highest score.

  3. The decision of the judges is final.

  4. In the event of a tie, the judges will reconvene to break the tie.

  5. The People’s Choice award will be given to the competitor with the most number of votes

    by the attendees.

  6. Stage competition awards will be announced at the Saturday night banquet.

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