Stage Performance Competitions


Each competitor must be a fully registered attendee of the Twist and Shout Balloon Convention.

The number of competitors is limited to twelve (12).

Entertainment Teams will be allowed

Competitors may give the MC a short written introduction. However, the MC is not obligated to recite it verbatim

Score sheets will be available to competitors after the awards are announced Saturday night.




  • The Judges 5 judges will be selected by the convention organizers.

  • The judges can consist of balloon professional and lay persons.

  • The judges will act impartially.

  • The judges will score each act on a 100-point scale:

Presentation, up to 40 points.

Technical skills, up to 25 points.

Originality, up to 15 points.

Use of balloons, up to 20 points.

The judges MAY decide to give up to 10 bonus points for something exceptional


  • The decision of the judges is final.

  • The audience will get to cast 1 vote in the "Peoples Choice" Category.

  • If you go over your time limit, your presentation points will become a zero (0).


The Competition:'


Each competitor must attend the tech rehearsal (Friday morning 8:30 am, location to be determined).

The organizer will determine the performance order after the tech rehearsal.

A sound system with CD and cassette will be provided.

If you need another format (ie. minidisc or MP3) please bring a portable player and the necessary cables.

A standup microphone and a lavaliere mic will be provided.

Competitors are encouraged to bring their personal mic and receiver.

A raised Stage/platform at least 12' X 16' platform will be provided.

Pipe and drape or Balloon backdrop and side drapes will be provided.

The performance may not exceed seven (7) minutes performance. This does not include 1 minute setup & tear down

Each competitor is responsible for their own setup and cleanup. Roadies/assistants will be allowed. They will not be provided by the organizers.

One minute before the time limit expires a yellow light will be displayed to the performer.

At seven minutes a red light will be displayed.Performances exceeding seven minutes will get a zero score for presentation skills.

Each competitor must perform in succession according to the determined order.

If the competitor is not prepared to perform when their time is due that participant may be disqualified.


The Awards:


The votes of the judges will be added up and three prizes will be given:

First Place, to the competitor that receives the highest total score.

Second Place, to the competitor that receives the second highest score.

Third Place, to the competitor that receives the third highest score.

In the event of a tie, the judges will reconvene to break the tie.

The prizes will be announced by the organizers at the banquet.

There will also be 1 winner in the "Peoples Choice" Category, given on Saturday night.

The peoples choice award will be open for voting until (1) half hour after the end of the show

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