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Other Fun T&S Events:


Here are a few other events, official and unofficial that have become tradition among the Twist & Shout attendees:

Beginner Twister's Balloon Deep Dive If you are abeginner Twister, please join us for a fun Boot Camp Class on Wednesday, February 28th at 8:30am.  Your host Jetuan Weadon, and friends will help you get up to speed, guiding you through all the basic twists, tools, and answering your questions so you'll be ready to Jam, as well as giving you the ins and outs of Twist & Shout to help you get the most out of your convention experience.  Gain valuable Tips & Tricks, meet new balloon friends, T&S Ambassadors, and more.  This class takes place during the Master Class session but does not require any additional fee.  You must sign up ahead of time on the T&S registration form.


Pajama Jam:  After the Wednesday welcome reception and competitions, Tawney Bubbles hosts a Late Nite Pajama Jam in the Jam Room. Pajama contests, twisting contests and tons of fun! Estimated start time is 11 pm. The Pajama Jam is just a welcoming atmosphere that says "we're a community of crazy people". So, it's fun, relaxed, and not structured at all. We'll have contests, story time, and balloon companies are donating prizes- we find creative ways to give it all away!


Broken Pump Award   A fast paced fun twisting competition held on Saturday night in the Jam Room after the awards Banquet.  This year it will be hosted by Sam Cremeens with an updated and super cool award


Sunday Evening Gathering. Those of us who are staying the extra day usually will gather for a relaxing dinner, to wind down and ease back into the real world after being overloaded with balloon knowledge. Its a time to get to know each other as people, not twisters, to relax without balloons and to enjoy a nice quite meal. Everyone will pay their own way. We will gather in the hotel lobby 6:00 pm on Sunday evening.



Join the Twist & Shout FaceBook Group

Many Twisters are making plans to come in early or stay after the convention to relax, play tourist and enjoy the fun of the town outside the convention space.  Many are making plans to meet up and see local attractions and eat local food.  If you'd like to get a group together, join up with others or just see what's happening, join the group at

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