Twist & Shout Schedule of Events

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T&S Jams


T&S evening Jam will be hosted by your favorite Twisters.  Bring your balloons and come play again.  The Jam Room will be open almost 24 hours / day.  While the Evening shows and banquet are taking place, the jam room will be closed for clean-up and product re-stocking

T&S Competitions


Twist & Shout is world renowned for its high level of competitions.  For Twist & Shout 2023, we will be offering cash prizes (details to be announced) For Top Twister, Dress and Costume Competitions, and Stage Perfomance Competition

Stage Performance

Large Artistic Sculpture

Small Artistic Sculpture 12" x 12"

Medium Artistic Sculpture30" x 30"

Un-Inflated Artistic Sculpture



T&S Classes (to be announced as each are finalized)