Twist & Shout Schedule of Events

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T&S Jams


T&S Virtual Jam will be hosted by your favorite Twisters.  Bring your balloons and come play again.  Jam room links will be in your T&S info email

Our live balloon Jams will be each night this week 4 pm - 7 pm Pacific  (7 - 11 pm Eastern).  each Jam night will be hosted by a different Jam Host

Monday Feb 22- Hosted by Tawney Bubbles , 

Tuesday Feb 23- Hosted by Dan Staples,

Wednesday Feb 24 - Hosted by Sam Cremeens, 

Thursday Feb 25 - Hosted by Nate the Great and Stacey Pineapple Wheeler

T&S Competitions


T&S Competitions will be photo-Submissions with voting as usual, by T&S attendees.  You must register ahead of time in order to be included in any competitions.  Only Registered attendees of T&S 2021 will be allowed to compete.


Small 12" x 12"

Medium 30" x 30"

3 Minute Sculpture (Video Submission)




T&S Classes (to be announced as each are finalized)


T&S classes will focus on Marketing, Making money NOW, Covid, and what you need in order to prepare you for when the parties start up again.  We want you to be able to set the stage so that when we all can gather again safely, that you'll be ready and able to entertain and start making money again

Classes:  All Classes will be hosted on  These classes will be accessible and downloadable with your registration email address.  

Dave Brenn’s and Shana Sharp’s classes will be hosted live but will be recorded so you can view them anytime.  Registered attendees will recieve information via email

Dave Brenn:  Family Fun Night - Monday February 22 at noon and again at 2 pm (Pacific time)

Dave Brenn:  I Love You - Tuesday February 23 at noon and again at 2 pm (Pacific time)

Shana Sharp:  How to Make Anything-  Tuesday Feb 23 6:30 pm and again at 8:30 pm Eastern (3:30 Pacific)

Shana Sharp:  Sharpie Art- Thursday Feb 25 6:30 pm and again at 8:30 pm Eastern (3:30 Pacific)

Buster Balloon Caldwell:  You Asked for It 

Christopher Lyle:  Deliverable Sculptures and Pricing Deliverable Sculptures

Andrea Noel:  Health, Safety and Balloons in the Time of COVID

Buster Balloon :  You Asked for It

Raquel Porter:  Pricing Your Entertainment Services

Steve Jones:  Guerilla Marketing


Dave Brenn: 


I LOVE You! - As entertainers, we strive to get good reviews from our clients. Things like "They were amazing" or "So professional and easy to work with" or "The best balloons I've ever seen!"

These are great, but there's one review that is better than all the rest..."I LOVE you!" 

In this class I will share the skills I've developed over the years to create a truly great relationship with my clients and audiences, and why "I love you" is a phrase I hear more than any other when interacting with them.  It starts with the first phone call and continues through your performance and even post performance follow-ups. Every audience will love you, I guarantee it!


Family Balloon Night - In the age of pandemic lockdowns, we are all seeking new ways to make money in the virtual space. In this class I will share the formula I have developed for Family Balloon Night, my virtual balloon art lessons for kids and parents. 

I will share my tips and secrets for creating an engaging virtual show, how to deal with family dynamics over zoom, and ways to provide extra value to your clients after the show.

If you are curious about dipping your toe into virtual performances, this is the class for you!


BONUS! - Join Dave for a special episode of The Dave Brenn Show LIVE at Twist & Shout. There will be prizes, a special guest and balloon competitions. You don't want to miss it! 


Speedy Delivery! by Christopher Lyle


Don’t let a pandemic destroy your business. Learn the ins and outs of shifting your business model from “entertainment” to “deliveries.” Join Christopher on an exciting journey as he shares with you how he he does it as he dives deep into his process. You will learn: - The best methods for advertising - Communicating with clients - Asking for the sale - Booking the delivery - How to schedule your life - How to schedule your deliveries - Dealing with feeling overwhelmed - Dealing with depression - Creativity - Twisting vs. Décor. Pros and Cons - The most efficient way to create your deliveries - …and of course, making the actual delivery In 2020, Christopher enjoyed his busiest, most profitable year EVER! In this class, he holds nothing back! This step by step guide is the answer many of you have been looking for.

The Price is Right by Christopher Lyle


The trickiest part about the delivery business is how to price your product. This class will not only focus on how to maximize your profits, but also how to add perceived value to your sculptures so you can receive top dollar for your effort. Additionally, Christopher will walk you thru a few of his best selling, most profitable designs of 2020.

Andrea Noel, MD 

is a physician who has spent the past year doing population research on COVID-19  She has also been a balloon artist for 25 years, and she has taught at Twist & Shout, OzJam, The Slovenia Event, The Israeli Event, and Hamburg Jam.  Her work has been published in Balloon Magic Magazine, and she has won international awards for her art, including Top Twister at Twist & Shout 2016.  Because of her medical background, she has a special passion for keeping fellow artists healthy, and in 2017 she taught "Safety and Risk: A medical perspective on Balloon Art" at Twist & Shout.  She is delighted to join the T&S teaching crew again with another class on staying healthy.

Health, Safety, and Balloons in the Time of COVID: 

Should I sanitize my balloons?  How does the vaccine work?  Can I twist at public events again?  All these questions answered and more.  This virtual class will feature questions from attendees, so if you have a question, please send it to Patty ASAP!