Twist & Shout Schedule of Events

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T&S Jams


T&S Virtual Jam will be hosted by your favorite Twisters.  Bring your balloons and come play again.  Jam room links will be in your T&S info email

Our live balloon Jams will be each night this week 4 pm - 7 pm Pacific  (7 - 11 pm Eastern).  each Jam night will be hosted by a different Jam Host

Monday Feb 22- Hosted by Tawney Bubbles , 

Tuesday Feb 23- Hosted by Dan Staples,

Wednesday Feb 24 - Hosted by Sam Cremeens, 

Thursday Feb 25 - Hosted by Nate the Great and Stacey Pineapple Wheeler

T&S Competitions


T&S Competitions will be photo-Submissions with voting as usual, by T&S attendees.  You must register ahead of time in order to be included in any competitions.  Only Registered attendees of T&S 2021 will be allowed to compete.


Small 12" x 12"

Medium 30" x 30"

3 Minute Sculpture (Video Submission)




T&S Classes (to be announced as each are finalized)