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Twist & Shout 2024 Master Class Instructors and Topics


All Master classes will be held on Wednesday February 28 2024 and are $125

Each Class runs 4 hours

You do not need to attend Twist & Shout Convention to take any of these classes. 

To register ONLY for the Master Classes click HERE

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024  8:30 am - 12:30 pm  

Learn a Ready to Go Balloon Act “The Chainsaw Balloon Escape”

With Danny Schlesinger (UK)

Beginner's Deep Dive with Jetuan Wheadon
Entertainer to Employer: Building a Brand, Marketing,
Securing Sponsorships, Fundraising, Training a Crew, and More
with Jake and Renee Eggert
Wednesday Feb 28, 2024  1:30 - 5:30 pm
Unleashing Your Awesomeness with Dan Staples
Magic with Balloons with Alberto Nava

Entertainer to Employer: Building a Brand, Marketing, Securing Sponsorships, Fundraising, Training a Crew, and More with Jake and Renee Eggert
Jake Eggert has his master’s degree in economics and has taught business courses for over 10 years. Renee has spent her entire life in the circus and refined many aspects. Together we offer a wealth of knowledge to help you build your own entertainment business.
Since our first event doing balloon animals in 2008, we immediately realized that there is no way to do this alone. The best way to grow is by finding marketing techniques that work for you and allow you to scale your business. We will teach you how to secure corporate sponsors to pay you to be at events. You will learn how to market to schools and similar institutions in your area. We will teach you to create a marketing mix that will keep your name on the top of your client’s minds whenever events come up. And discover ways to promote yourself for free or very low-cost techniques.
We will then take a deep dive into the differences between employees and subcontractors. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we will discuss these at length. Learn how we train and manage our staff. We will show you the online tools we use to keep track of events and invoicing. Learn what challenges come with the territory and how they can be quite easy to overcome. We will discuss what laws you need to be aware of and what you should do about workers’ compensation and insurance. Discover how to land corporate gigs and present yourself as a serious company.
We will conclude the course with a question-and-answer section as we realize that everyone’s business is unique and we want to be able to offer ways to apply these techniques specifically to your needs.



Magic with Balloons

Alberto Nava aka Mago Alberto  from @crazyballoonsitaly is ready to teach you some perfect magic  addition to your show, walk around entertainment or linework. Learn TEN Different magic routines using round and modelling balloons to wow your audience, and add another dimension to your show. You could even produce a WHOLE show based on BALLOON MAGIC!  (This Master class is 3 hours long)
Check out @magoalberto_official on instagram or fb to see his many characters!  Seats are limited, book early.

Unleashing Your Awesomeness  with Dan Staples

“This is not a class to learn recipes it's a class to learn how to write the cookbook”

Join Dan Staples as he takes you on a journey to help you develop your own designs and design ideas.  Dan will walk you through the process he uses to create designs and concepts in his work and in his recent Art Show.  Exploring and using shapes and systems of creation, finding and working your personality and emotions into your art, and using tone and positioning to tell a story.  Dan hopes to inspire you to create outside the box to help push our medium forward.

This class includes lecture, hands-on and Q&A.  Dan’s going to keep it real, it might get a little raw.  This class will ONLY be taught at Twist & Shout 2024



Learn a Ready to Go Balloon Act “The Chainsaw Balloon Escape”

By Danny Schlesinger (UK)


Danny is now willing to teach his fabulous original routine of silliness to you. This exclusive Masterclass will elevate your balloon performing to new heights! The class is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to perform a captivating comic and universally appealing balloon routine. There will be a Demonstration & Performance to show you the act, and see what it feels like as an audience member. There will be an Explanation of all the balloons and equipment required to perform this act. A hands on experience of how to create the balloons and the secrets of what happens in each section of the act will follow. And finally you will be able to practice the routine under the expert guidance of an experienced performer and coach/ director Danny Schlesinger! If you already perform with balloons, or would like a helping hand to start with a ready made routine. This is for you!

Beginner Twister’s Deep Dive with Jetuan Whedon

Are you a new Twister?  Apprehensive about how you’ll fare in the T&S classes?  Will you be able to keep up? Understand what the Instructor’s saying?  This is uncharted water for some of us and can be intimidating. Jetuan and friends will help you gain the skills, vernacular, and knowledge to be more self-assured in the classes as well as in the Jam Room.  We will start with the beginning techniques and terminology, then build upon those techniques to create more elaborate designs increasing your skills and confidence along the way.  We’ll share beneficial tips and twisting tricks that have helped me along this journey. We will also discuss how to connect with your audience and make the experience more enjoyable for you and for them.
Although this is a beginner class, we welcome all levels of twisters.

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