Twist & Shout 2019 Master Class Instructors and Topics


All Master classes will be held on Wednesday January 30 and are $99

Each Class runs 4 hours.  Classes Subject to change

Wednesday Jan 30, 2019   8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Wednesday Jan 30, 2019   1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


BALLOOPs and Balloon Brain Busters

WILLY MONROE Master Class 

Join Willy Monroe at Twist & Shout 2019. In this two-part Master Class, Willy will teach new balloon techniques, balloon puzzles, balloon magic effects, and “silly details” that uses all the time.
The first part of the Master Class is focused on a technique called “BALLOOP”. Using BALLOOP, you can do perfect wings for any bird, leaves, wood construction for tables, rainbows, hair, and more. Of course is a technique with no glue, no wire, no magenets, no monofilament, no tape, no more than balloons are used!!!!!
The second part of the Master Class “BBB”  is focused on  “Balloons Brains Buster”. Willy will teach balloon brian buster, and Extras: tips and personal ideas, magic tricks, toys, puzzles, and routines that take him around the world.
Dont miss this amazing artist, you are lucky if you enjoy his Master Class.

About Willy Monroe

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Willy Monroe regularly performs on stages in China, USA, and all over Europe. He consults for television and theatre shows in and out of Spain. Willy has won numerous competitions, all with vastly different characters and styles. He is considered among the ‘best of the best’ by the leading balloon experts worldwide. His book, “Don Globo o la Forma del Aire” is the best-selling twisting book in Spain. Willy was the spotlight artist in Balloon Magic Magazine issue #59.  Willy Monroe has won more balloon stage competitions than anyone else in the world, and has performed 11 completely different balloon acts at Twist & Shout in 11 years.

- Working with Willy over the world, he is the one who blows the magicians away. – Guido Verhoef

_- Willy Monroe is one of the most talented european balloon artists that I know. His work is insanely dedicated. His attention to detail is inspiring. I recommend you suck his brain for any information you can get. – Royal Sorell

- The extraordinary Spanish magician Willy Monroe took the stage by storm with his yoyo and balloons. Speaking only Squeekish, Willie had the crowd enthralled. – Robin Dawes, FFFF


Would you like a Quick Link with that design?

Nicole Gregg  Master Class Wednesday January 30th only

In this masterclass Nicole would love to share with you her Quick Link journey and many different concepts and designs using Quick Links.
She truly believes Quick Links are a great tool for Twisters to give creations substance, dynamic design, and structure in a quick effective way.
We will look at many different ways to incorporate not only the 6” Quick Link but also the 12” Quick Link in a QL supersized way.
Nicole will show how to shape and manipulate the Quick Link and the many ways we can use it.
You will leave this class with not only techniques, concepts, and ideas but also multiple designs.
But the main thing that Nicole wants you to gain from this masterclass is Inspiration, Inspiration to create and play with concepts and ideas.

Increase Your Skills and Creativity:

Jan Balonim’s Master Distortion Techniques

Master Class Wednesday January 29th only

Learn from a master of an incredibly creative skill. Join Jan Balonim as he shares the secrets of his success with ultra-creative Master Distortion Techniques in his class created exclusively for Twist & Shout 2019. Artists who attend will gain brand-new skills for creating sculptures that are above and beyond intriguing. He’ll lead you through a series of highly creative distortion techniques and treatments in a four-hour, hands-on class that will increase the visual value of your designs from simple to absolutely stunning balloon sculptures. Learn to inflate, shape and manipulate Betallatex balloons in a variety of sizes and shapes for accent balloons. Then get ready to build an extraordinary sculpture Jan has planned for each of you to master distortion skills and experience all of the creative possibilities!


Between the Twists

Scott Tripp

What defines art? Is it technique and skill? Aesthetic beauty? An emotional response? Throughout history, art has been used as a powerful tool to promote ideologies, push agendas, and challenge authority. 


Part TEDtalk, part QnA, and part interactive demonstration, Scott Tripp takes you down the fascinating and important history of balloon art, and encourages the evolution of our art form into something with purpose and meaning. You’ll learn how a sick child in a hospital bed led to a whole new art form, and how we can use the successes and failures of our past to elevate our future. 


With a heavy emphasis of creativity and imagination, we’ll discuss adding meaning and purpose to your designs to elicit a higher emotional response, navigate the complex path of moving from technician to artist, and even peek into the famous Scott Tripp collection of rare and fascinating balloons, affectionately referred to as “The Hoard.” 


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