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Twist & Shout 2024

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Alberto Nava   Crazy Balloons Italy, Milano Italy


Mago Alberto is the magician who created Crazy Balloons, pursuing his dream of bringing together in a single agency the services necessary to organize 360° recreational events. His specialty is themed parties , his character as a bungling magician entertains adults and children alike, taking them into a world where magic and comedy merge. He is also an internationally appreciated Balloon Artist.


Jake & Renee Eggert, Mischief & Magic, Green Bay, WI  Sponsored by Twist & Shout   (Master Class only)


Jake has been performing professionally for over 15 years. Mischief & Magic began while Jake earned his Masters in Environmental Economics; he uses his degree as a freelance consultant and teacher but his endless passion for entertaining makes Mischief his full time gig. He is always coming up with new ideas, performances, magic, designs, and techniques. His performances have won international awards and several world records. He brings high energy to his performances and his team truly loves to connect with the public. He is the Mischief Manager, Mr. Mischief.

Renee has been performing circus acts for most of her life. She began riding elephants and eating fire with her uncle Jim in "The Big Circus Sideshow". Classically trained in theater and music, and a raw talent for art! Renee uses her skills with theater to help develop Mischief & Magics performances and designs. She has won several international awards and taught professional courses. When you combine those skills with her vibrant personality you get one amazing Mischief Maker, Mrs. Mischief.


Antonio Bécares Rodriguez of Altea , Alicante, Spain  Sponsored by Twist & Shout


Antonio Bécares Rodríguez is a street busker, balloon sculptor, balloon teacher, magician and performer. Antonio started twisting balloons in 1996 and has been teaching at renowned conventions since 2009. He loves sharing and meeting balloon sculpting artists and has dedicated his life to his passion for balloons... for entertaining...for learning... for teaching and traveling...

Antonio has won many awards for his twisting both in Europe and the USA, including winning the Iron-latexman at the millenniumJam in Belgium. He has created twists such as the pinchLine, the Heart twist, and some interesting ideas like the Spinning concept and the Mirror concept... "I never stop playing with balloons...they make my life better and the world of the people around me a happier place."

To read about him and his passion for balloons.'star'-interview/antonio-becares-rodriguez-110th-jan-2013. You can find him at


Jason Secoda 

The Balloon Guys , Newtown, PA

Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Jason has been studying the exquisite & delicate practice of balloon artistry for over 25 years, including entertaining for live audiences, & creating decor at every scale. Throughout his time creating balloon art, Jason has earned numerous international awards, including the coveted Top Twister at Twist & Shout in 2014. He’s lent his expertise to teaching at numerous conventions, including Twist & Shout, World Balloon Convention, Balloon Camp Australia, & others. Additionally, Jason was a member of the team who made the Guinness World Record Largest Balloon Zoo in Xiamen, China in 2017. Jason hates free time, so he makes sure to fill up his schedule with a side career of being a physical therapist (only another 40 hours a week nbd), as well as being half of the soon to be world famous The Balloon Guys YouTube channel, partnered with the esteemed Eric Weinstein in creating content that reaches out to not only the balloon community, but to thousands of adults & poorly supervised kids as well.


Dan Staples

Elevated Impressions ,  Sandwich MA

Sponsored by Twist & Shout

In the world of art, creativity knows no bounds, and artist Dan Staples has taken this notion to new heights with his awe-inspiring balloon creations.  Hailing from Nashua, New Hampshire, Dan has garnered a reputation as a multiple-award-winning balloon artist, captivating audiences with his larger-than-life sculptures and unique imagination. From entertaining athletes' families to gracing the screens of popular commercials, Dan's work has become a symbol of pure joy and limitless imagination.  Balloon artistry is an often-underestimated form of artistic expression that requires not only skill but also a vivid imagination. Dan Staples has mastered this craft, transforming ordinary balloons into extraordinary sculptures that defy conventional expectations. Dan is thankful to Twist & Shout for the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, further fueling his passion for pushing the boundaries of balloon artistry.


Marie Dadow, Pink Ballon Dog, Surprise, AZ

Sponsored by Betallic

Marie has been twisting balloons for more than 20 years. What began as a hobby to entertain her own family quickly turned into an obsession, then a money-making business that has taken her literally around the world. Marie specializes in cute character and animal designs that WOW all ages and has a passion for balloon dress and costume making. Marie often spends her free time creating unique designs and, in 2021, created more than 500 sculptures simply to challenge herself. At Twist & Shout 2023, Marie won Top Twister and set a record by receiving more awards at a single Twist & Shout than any artist at previous events. Marie is eager to share her decades-long love of Betallic and Sempertex balloons with all of you!


Donna Cochrane  Miss Donna Balloons

Queensland, Australia  Sponsored by Betallic

Donna Cochrane of Miss Donna Balloons in Queensland, Australia has a passion for balloons like no other! She has been twisting and performing with balloons for more than 30 years and has been full time in the industry for more than 17 years. Donna is a multi-award-winning balloon artist and has performed and taught with balloons around the world. She also recently took third place on Blow Up Australia, a reality TV show in which 10 balloon artists compete for a $100,000 prize. This incredible artist has a passion for sharing her knowledge and techniques with those who want to learn. She loves incorporating twisting and decor designs in her work and is excited for the opportunity to share her amazing skills on behalf of Betallic for the first time at Twist & Shout 2024!


Sam Cremeens  Sam The Balloon Man

Nashville, Tennessee, USA Sponsored by Betallic

Sam Cremeens is a Nashville, TN, based balloon twister, entertainer, and decorator who first discovered the world of balloon art in the summer of 2003. What started as a fun hobby became a full-time business in 2011 when Sam moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of making a living by doing what he loved. Sam currently makes more than 330 appearances each year performing at birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, school and church carnivals, and restaurants. Along the way, Sam became co-host of the Balloon Blast Video Show and a producer of instructional videos. He has had the honor of being a renowned instructor at several major balloon and entertainment conventions around the world and has received multiple awards from several multi-national conventions. His highest honor was, of course, being named Top Twister at Twist & Shout 2020. Sam is happy to be partnering with Betallic/Sempertex to share some of his best ideas and designs with all of you!


Pip Milford-Hughes, Pippity-Pop! Balloonologist,

Dunedin, New Zealand Sponsored by Gemar

Hi My Name is Pip otherwise known as Pippity-Pop! – Balloonologist.

I live in Dunedin, which is our smallest city near the very bottom of the South Island of New Zealand – Home to Lord of the Rings, and Middle Earth.  We are a country of 5 million people and 40 Million sheep! lol.

I saw my First Balloon Twister when I was 8 years old, and was fascinated.   I picked up a Balloon 17 years ago when I twisted for fun at a party, and I haven’t been able to put a balloon down since.  I have travelled and taught Balloon Art in New Zealand, Australia, The United States of America, England, The Netherlands, Germany and Japan.   I have hosted Balloon Taskmaster, twisted for Zoo Moo TV as Ninja Gorilla, and this year I very proudly Won the Title of ‘Blow Up Champion of New Zealand’.   

I am very honoured to have been chosen as a representative for Gemar to teach at Twist & Shout 2024. I just can’t wait to join old friends and meet new ones.  I have some super fun new designs that I just know you will love. 


Jetuan Whedon

Surprise, AZ, USA  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Meet Jetuan Whedon, a vibrant newcomer to the world of balloons, who dove in headfirst with an infectious love for the craft. With a twist in her career, Jetuan went from litigation and intellectual property to becoming a stand-up comic and a balloon artist extraordinaire. Her journey from growing up in Louisiana to becoming a sought-after balloon artist is a testament to her passion and dedication. She's not just about making balloons; she crafts experiences that leave people inspired and smiling. Jetuan's superpower is making everyone feel valued and welcomed. As an accomplished educator, she's shared her expertise at the Twist convention, and her talent was recognized with a second-place award for her original design at FAVE. Get ready to be amazed and inspired by her unique perspective on balloon artistry!

Lindsey Smith, Party With Pookie

Fort Worth, TX, USA  Sponsored by Gemar

Lindsey (aka "Pookie") is a dynamic and charismatic balloon artist, face painter, and stilt walker performer who has been an entertainer in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area since 2008.  Her passion for entertaining started at a very young age. Always busy with cheerleading, theater, dance and martial arts, her love of performing and entertaining led her to where she is today. Lindsey is known for her marker art on balloons, her cute line-work-friendly designs, and her spunky personality! All of which have been incorporated into classes she's taught at other balloon and entertainers conventions over the last 8 years. She is also a mother to 4 amazing sons, who are now following in her footsteps in balloon art. She has a passion for teaching, a passion for entertaining and a passion for art.  She is excited to be representing Gemar and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and ideas at Twist and Shout 2024!  


Danny Schlesinger   Danny the Idiot

St Leonards-on-Sea, UK   Sponsored by Twist & Shout

(Master Class only)


Danny Schlesinger (UK) is an experienced performer, teacher and coach to other entertainers. He has previously taught at Twist & Shout (USA), The Millenium Jam (Belgium), and Academy of Clown Arts (USA). As a coach he has directed a growing number of performers from around the world North America, Europe and even New Zealand. He has performed in a wide variety of areas including Circus,Theatre, Film and TV. He was the lead in a short film winning many awards globally and he played Homer Simpson in an advert. Doh!


Stephanie Morace

Baton Rouge Balloons  Baton Rouge, LA

Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Stephanie Morace's journey from engineer to balloon twister extraordinaire is as unique as the creations she brings to life. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Stephanie is the creative force behind, Baton Rouge Balloons,  a thriving balloon decor and entertainment company.


A decade ago, Stephanie's story took a delightful twist when she witnessed a street performer captivating a crowd with the magic of balloons. Juggling her engineering career with her new found love for balloon art, she embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead her to a full-time commitment to her craft. From her initial foray into balloon twisting  to the numerous conventions and competitions that followed, Stephanie's passion for balloons continues to grow. 


Stephanie's dedication has earned her numerous awards, including the prestigious title of Top Twister in 2019. Beyond the accolades, she values the global balloon community she's become a part of, continuously learning and growing alongside the world's best balloon artists. A decade into her colorful journey, Stephanie Morace continues to enchant with her balloon artistry, embracing the joy it brings to both her and her balloon family.

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