Meet your heroes at Twist & Shout 2020

Matt Falloon is a creator that consistently brings fresh and new ideas to the balloon world. Matt burst into the global balloon scene in 2013, hit the ground running, and hasn’t stopped since! Mixing design, innovation, and engineering, he has earned a reputation for pushing balloon boundaries, and doing things his way. Matt has taught and performed in 8 countries, developed a library of tutorial products & webinars, and won multiple industry awards, including the coveted Dewey Award!


Matt has also designed or produced products that have become professional staples. It is not uncommon to find his balloon roll, replaceable blade cutters, or silicone slap bracelets in many balloon artists' kits. 

Six years ago, Stephanie Morace was wearing a suit, sitting in an office, calculating math things and engineering stuff. She did not know the balloon bug was about to bite, and everything would change.


Fast forward six years, Stephanie runs a bustling balloon décor and entertainment business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She travels the globe teaching and competing at conventions with her balloon family. She was even voted the Top Twister at Twist and Shout 2019! Because balloons have changed the course of her life, she looks forward to sharing her love of balloons and entertainment with everyone she meets (that means you!).

Kristal Yee has been on stage at Twist & Shout for the past 4 years, and she's stoked to change things up and be at the front of a classroom instead! (She does like the attention, haha.) Kristal is a full time artist (balloons and face painting!) who  has won a number of industry awards, been published in magazines, and can even be seen with her balloons on Netflix (check out Always Be My Maybe!). She loves balloon fashion, and has created balloon dresses in London, Australia, Italy, and China, as well as in various provinces/states across Canada and the US. She honestly cannot remember what year she started twisting balloons, but she's been in business for herself since 2008, and is in it for the long haul! (Kristal also loves her pug Wheezy, chocolate, sparkly shoes, and little asides in parenthesis.)

Rie Hosokai, co-owner of Daisy Balloon based in Japan, is a highly accomplished international balloon artist best known for her intricate balloon fashion. Rie has made the world her stage with her fascinating couture skill, intricate scene design and inspirational interaction with people and surroundings, traveling the globe to exhibit her art. Her work includes annual balloon weaving technique seminars in Japan to continually improve skill levels in the balloon industry. She first participated in Twist & Shout in 2005 when she won the Top Twister award. Rie’s work can be seen at Daisy Balloon on Facebook and at Returning to Twist & Shout after her last appearance in 2015, Rie is eager to share her innovation and art with you at Twist & Shout 2020.

Balloons. Imagination. Awesomeness. A simple equation that artist Dan Staples uses to create mind-blowing balloon creations throughout New England and beyond.  Dan is a multiple award-winning balloon artist based out of Nashua, NH. Specializing in larger-than-life balloon sculptures, Dan’s work has been featured on Adult Swim, New Hampshire Chronicle, and dozens of news and radio shows.  Typically you’ll find Dan at an adult event bringing out everyone’s inner child. He is frequently found entertaining VIP guests of the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium and MIT staff and students. Dan's underground series of videos are highly sought after by his fellow balloon experts, as is his presence at events by New England's glitterati.

(Insert hip hop soundtrack) Guess whose back, back again, Titan’s back, tell your friends. Guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back(end hip hop music)That’s right ladies and gentleman! The Titan of Twist is teaching at Twist and Shout 2020 and I’m there for only one reason and that’s transferring balloon knowledge from my big, old nugget to your brains.  I’ve been in the game for 14 years and have dedicated my life to the art of balloon bending, so you absolutely know that my number one goal is to help you improve your game.  Want to learn distortion, boom, done!  Want to learn cute animals and characters, boom, Done! Want to learn next level human faces and hairdos Boom, done! Want to learn  weaving, boom! Oh wait! I stink at weaving. Ok, for that, go to another instructor, but for all your other needs, the Titan of Twist is at your service!!

Alberto Nava from Milan, Italy, has been a balloon artist and magician for over 20 years. He is the Founder of Crazyballoons Italy and a full-time performer, balloon artist and event designer. Alberto loves creating fantastic birthday party events  where he performs daily with over 49 different themed shows as Mago Alberto. He specializes in large balloon installations for theme parks and malls that incorporate special effects, dancers and projections.


Alberto is the creator of the balloon hairband concept, which he introduced in 2010 and still uses to create party atmospheres. Alberto Nava has taught all around the world inspiring people with his designs and marketing innovations. In 2016, while participating as a teacher at Twist and Shout, Alberto received the David Grist Memorial Award for inspiration, innovation friendship and joy.



Buster Balloon is an award-winning balloon artist and children’s entertainer who has taught at balloon, magic, and children’s entertainer conferences all over the world including MAGIC Live!, Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, and The American Clown Academy. His unique and original balloon designs, routines, and magic effects have also appeared in many industry publications. But his proudest moment is still the time that he ate an entire box of Cap’ N Crunch Cereal by himself in one sitting.

Robbie Furman, CBA has been working with balloons for almost 30 years. His original designs and techniques have become a mainstay of many balloon decorators and artists the world over. His balloons have been seen on ABC's All My Children, One Life to Live, Live with Regis and Kelly, Ugly Betty and Good Morning America. In 2012 Robbie was awarded the Golden Light Award in honor of Linda Bruce. And in 2013 Robbie was awarded the David Grist Memorial Award (Gristy) for Inspiration, Innovation, Friendship and Joy.
Marie Dadow has been twisting balloons for over 15 years winning awards for both adorable sculptures and elegant gowns/costumes. Her animal and character sculptures typically have a fun, cartoony look. She specializes in adding tiny details to simple designs giving them a WOW factor to impress clients.
Yulys Charles's passion for balloons began in Venezuela after her children were born. She suddenly had an outlet to explore her creative side. Yulys decided to introduce high-level children’s parties, “Recreaciones Estrellas Magicas”, giving her the opportunity to push her creative boundaries and organise exciting, inspiring parties for her clients. Yulys understood not only the full potential of balloon art but the impact of quality, sustainable balloons on the end result. Through her company, Gift Balloons and with Gemar Balloons, she offers balloons, accessories, classes, seminars and projects in Chile and beyond.