Twist & Shout 2022 Class Offerings


Classes subject to change

The Balloon Guys  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Jason Secoda and Eric Weinstein

"Girls, Girls, Girls"

Alright Balloon World, here's the moment of truth.  Does anybody have a really good twisted female face design? If the answer is no, then this class is for you. We’ve come up with the cutest female face ever! There are endless variations that can be made with this very versatile face structure. We’ve made celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Selena Quintanilla, Eleven from Stranger Things, Cardi B. and Ariana Grande.  If that list excites you, pick a celebrity, and let's make it together at Twist and Shout.


"Social Media Secrets"

At this point in history, if you're running a business and you're not using social media to support that business, you're losing out.  It's safe to say almost everyone is on social media in some capacity.  These free resources give business owners the opportunity to not only reach new and old customers, but the opportunity to build strong relationships with them, which cements your presence not only as an expert in the field, but as a successful one, which keeps you in demand.  In this class, we want to pass on what we've learned, through trial and error, and teach you the many, many tricks of the trade for successfully utilizing social media to support and grow your business.  In this class, we'll teach you our secrets that we've learned in our struggles so that you don't have to.  With the knowledge from this class, you can start your social media empire in no time!

Dan Staples  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Opportunity doesn't always knock at your door, sometimes it falls right in your lap! Dan Staples was working for an entertainment company when he was asked to quickly learn a few balloon animal sculptures for a party. While looking up how to create the classics, he stumbled upon the complex. Fascination quickly became determination and Dan worked to create the many artistic possibilities when combining latex and air. Almost a decade later, he's sculpting in front yards, football stadiums and everywhere in-between, and ready to share his expertise and tips for success with you in his personality-plus presentations. Dan is proud to represent Betallic balloons at Twist & Shout 2022.


Winning Sporty Sculptures

Featuring Dan Staples of Dan’s Balloons in Nashua, New Hampshire

Sponsored by Betallic

We all have classic sport-themed designs our customers love. However, this class will show you how to provide more than fun baseball and football sculptures upon request.  Dan has twisted everywhere from boxing gyms to NFL stadiums and will share his locker room repertoire of sculptures that will score BIG with your customers on game day, no matter what their favored athletic event might be. Get on the roster to join in and learn Dan’s tried-and-true designs to win every time!


Something’s Fishy Here!

Featuring Dan Staples of Dan’s Balloons in Nashua, New Hampshire

Sponsored by Betallic

When someone asks for a fish sculpture, our reaction is a cute goldfish on a pole. It’s classic – a  timeless sculpture to entertain the masses. Join Dan for this class featuring aquatic life from the deep and designs sure to reel in attention from those requesting under-the-sea sculptures as well as swimmingly clever decor components. Dan has a full stringer of fantastic fish and sea life from fun to fantastic AND a super fun, interactive fishing pole that’s guaranteed to hook tons of compliments ... and tips!

Megan Raysby  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Megan Raysby of North Shore Balloon Décor in Northbrook, IL, started as a balloon twister in 2015, running an entertainment agency specializing in face painting and balloon twisting. Balloon decor requests started with twisted centerpieces and kept increasing in size until that company was also offering full-scale decor. After attending her first FLOAT Convention, Megan separated the companies in 2019 to specialize in each area. She attended FLOAT again in 2020, winning multiple design awards. She turned her focus to balloons during the Covid-19 pandemic and hit six-figure sales in the first year.

Megan’s first job as a teen was in a balloon and flower shop, so she says her career has come full circle. As a mother of two running a full-time, home-based shop with three employees, she’s passionate about custom designs and sculptures and helping clients’ visions come to life. Megan has a BA in business management with a sales background and has 5 years’ experience. Megan has dabbled in many art forms, including photography, body art, ceramics, sewing, 3D miniature replicas and mixed media.

Megan’s passion has always been increasing sales while creating an outstanding customer experience. Teaching has always been on her vision board, but she had assumed she would teach face painting. She has surprised not only herself, but friends and family with her balloon talents. A few years ago, one of her mentors, Alice Kaufman from Brody's Balloons, suggested Betallic would be a great fit for someone passionate about both foil and latex decor. Megan loves the high quality of the products, the vibrancy of the colors, the creative and modern foil designs, and the positivity and enthusiasm of Betallic's staff. She was elated when offered a teaching position and looks forward to growing with the team at Betallic!

Megan's Popular "Drop & Go" Decor

Interested in expanding your repertoire to include yard art and other easy decor options? Megan will teach you how to up-size your line work to create over-the-top yard decor and other no-frame designs to impress your clients and increase your profits! Megan will show you step by step how to make her top-selling, signature outdoor garland and “puff” balloon designs in this class full of her own clever creations perfect for twisters who want to expand their creativity and their income with décor that’s easy to reproduce and SELL!


Think Big with Large Scale Character Heads

Create WOW pieces to set you apart from other balloon artists with Megan’s giant character heads! Along with twisting techniques on a big scale, Megan will show you how to use vinyl details to create unique themed items and multiple characters, including Super Mario, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and more! Your customers will love the personalization of these giant, twisted character heads that can be used alone or in a variety of decor pieces for further customization and even greater profits!

Dave Brenn  Sponsored by Gemar Balloons

Dave Brenn (formerly David Brenion of Nifty Balloons) has been teaching and performing as a balloon artist for 20 years. His passion for sharing the art of balloons with the world drives his creative endeavors. Dave has traveled to over a dozen countries to create some of the largest balloon installations in the world and to perform hos award winning balloon show for many audiences.  This year he will be sharing his techniques for designing and building large sculptures as well as his all time favorite live twisting designs and routines


Connie Iden Monds  Sponsored by Pioneer Balloons

Connie’s experience with balloon twisting started in college with a library book on twisting, and she mastered the art in short order because she really, “can’t stand to hear balloons pop.” Soon after, her career “exploded,” and she threw herself into international competitions, always bringing home a string of awards. Most notably, she is one of the most decorated female US balloon artists and still the only American balloon artist to lead Team USA to the podium in large sculpture at the World Balloon Convention 2018 where they placed third.  She is also the only woman to win the trifecta (placing in all of the twisting balloon competitions within a years’ time). She is only one of two Americans to win in the twisting competition of the European Millennium Jam Balloon Artist competition (1st place), was named 2004 Ballooniversity Designer of the Year and the only woman to ever win IBAC Entertainer of the Year (2003).  She is only one of a handful of balloon artist worldwide to win international competitions in both décor and twisting. She is always happy to share her knowledge as an instructor at various industry events and being a Pioneer Brand Ambassador.

Connie Iden-Monds brings her remarkable talent to many more adult festivities than children’s parties. In fact, corporate and celebrity décor and entertainment is the foundation of the Nashville-based company’s business, and Connie boasts a list of notable names among her list of satisfied clients and repeat customers.  The staff and entertainers at Party Animals also place in many competitions and provide a creative twist to more than 2,500 private and corporate events every year.


Dennis Scott  Sponsored by Pioneer Balloons

Dennis Scott CBA- owner of Incredibly Twisted Balloons in Arlington Heights, IL,  fell in love with balloon manipulation at the age of 13 after attending clown camp.  For the past 30 years, Dennis has explored and developed his own unique style in every aspect of balloons.  From speed twisting, restaurant entertainment, large scale competitive sculpture, deco twisting, yard balloon art and large venue balloon decor, Dennis has done it all.  Balloon Career highlights include Top Twister at Twist and Shout, Competing at World Balloon Convention, Teaching at the 2016 Qualatex World Balloon Convention and 2017 Qualatex World Balloon Tour, Teaching at many other balloon art conventions, competing and winning in a large number of balloon competitions and meeting many amazing artists from around the world who he now consider to be his balloon family.  Dennis is very excited to share some new and unique ideas with all of you in 2022 at Twist & Shout! 


Marie Dadow  Sponsored by Gemar Balloons

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Tutorials!

Marie will help you end your reliance on YouTube tutorials by showing you how to break down designs. You’ll learn how simple components can be used to create your own amazing sculptures. She will show tips and tricks to create WOW designs using those simple components. The course will be demo format showing concepts vs individual design recipes because you won’t be needing them anymore. Beginner to Advanced


Back in My Day…


Marie will revisit some of her favorite childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings. She’ll show you how to create characters from iconic cartoons and the commercials that played between them. This step back in time will also include characters from some beloved children’s books and comic strips. 
 While this course will show specific designs, you’ll learn how to use some of the versatile components to create numerous others designs. Intermediate to Advanced


Buster Balloon Caldwell  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Buster Balloon is an award-winning balloon artist and children’s entertainer who has taught at balloon, magic and children’s entertainer conferences all over the world, including Twist & Shout, MAGIC Live!, Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, and The American Clown Academy. His unique and original balloon designs, routines and magic effects have also appeared in many industry publications. But his proudest moment is still the time he ate an entire box of Cap’ N Crunch Cereal by himself in one sitting. Buster is tickled pink to be teaching on behalf of Betallic at Twist & Shout 2022.


Something Twisted This Way Comes

Buster Balloon, The King of Halloween, returns with a diabolic, new batch of twisted terrors and creepy creations to delight the little monsters at your events! Buster has been down in his laboratory cooking up more of his spooky signature sculptures. You won’t want to miss the chance to learn from this master entertainer and take home his secrets for making ghoulies and goblins to increase heart rates and bookings! Plus, class attendees will take home Buster’s exclusive lab notes to feed their creativity and make it COME ALIVE!


Cute Overload!

THE SUPER CUTIEST, MOST ADORABLEST BALLOONS EVER! Grab your insulin, and be sure to brush and floss after this one! Get ready for darling designs that are absolutely “tutu” precious! Buster will tippy toe with you through a full parade of cutie patootie sculptures that will melt the hearts of even the most gruff customers waiting in your line for something special. Prepare to say “awwwwww” and see $$.