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Twist & Shout 2024 Class Offerings


Classes subject to change - Classes listed in alphabetical order


Antonio´s Ultimate Favorites, using the PinchLine and More
Presented by Twist & Shout

Antonio will teach you his famous Pinchline Technique, and in a few minutes you'll find yourself using it to make many detailed figures and enhance the details on your own figures and designs.  After the Pinchline he will show some of the most creative designs he has come up with in the past.  And on this special occasion after a long time without visiting the USA  Antonio will share a concept that opens many doors to create and investigate new designs.

Antonio always fills his classes with tips and tricks on how to handle balloons, and he loves every chance to teach his new techniques so you can twist amazing designs that will impress your audience. This full 90 minute class is hands on, so please bring 160’s / 260’s / 360’s / 5” rounds to twist along with Antonio.

Let’s twist with Antonio, like he says: " Let's make this word a more happy and colorful one... One Love... Balloon Love...".



The A B C's of Princess Balloons - Marie Dadow
Presented by Betallic

Upgrade your princess game with elegant hairstyles and glamorous gowns for Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella. Perfect for deliveries, centerpieces, and special occasions. Intermediate/Advanced level—no advanced twists, just several balloons for enchanting designs. Elevate your balloon artistry with royal flair!

A Few of my Favorite Things Sam Cremeens
Presented by Betallic

Dive into the world of balloon art with Sam Cremeens at Twist and Shout Balloon Convention! This class features a curated selection of Sam's favorite, real-world-tested designs—kid-approved and perfect for restaurants, parties, and line twisting. Starting
at a beginner level and advancing to intermediate, you'll work with various balloon sizes, shapes, and readily available materials, including some creative marker techniques. Elevate your twisting skills and add these versatile designs to your repertoire in this engaging and accessible class. Join us for a colorful journey of learning and fun!

Beyond the Top 10 Sculptures - Marie Dadow
Presented by Betallic
Dive into the world beyond the typical Top 10 sculptures that every twister knows. In this class, we'll explore trending animals, timeless characters, and a bonus session on improvisation—showcasing how small changes can transform existing characters into something entirely new. Designed for events that allow a bit more creative time, these sculptures are crafted to wow guests. Join us as we focus on simple twists, ensuring accessibility for all skill levels. Take your balloon artistry beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

“Big Kid” Balloons -  Lindsay Smith
Presented by Gemar

MOST adults are still kids at heart… Many adults don’t realize how much they want balloons until they see a bad ass balloon artist show up with balloons like they’ve never seen before. Lindsay will help you discover HOW to be that bad ass balloon artist by teaching you some fundamentals of FUN balloons that adults will never stop talking about. There is a whole clientele out there that is willing to pay good money for unique entertainment, but they need more than just typical balloon animals.  This class will start with big kid but family-friendly designs, moving up to a more PG level, and with a few tweaks taking it up to an R-rated balloon for those parties where no kids are present.  

(All skill levels welcome.. we will start with simpler designs and move to a bit more intermediate. 160’s, 260’s, 350’s and rounds will be used in this class. And markers! Always markers! Preferably sharpies and Edding white paint pens )

The Child Expanded Upon - Sam Cremeens
Presented by Betallic

Join Sam Cremeens at Twist and Shout Balloon Convention for "The Child Expanded Upon." This intermediate to low advanced class unveils imaginative variations of the adorably popular character from a galaxy far, far away. From a Hawaiian Alien friend to an owl and a big fluffy koala, explore the evolution step by step. Using a variety of available balloon shapes and sizes, elevate your skills and add these charming characters to your repertoire. Don't miss the chance to expand your balloon artistry in this creative and dynamic class!

Competing with Yourself  - Stephanie Morace
Presented by Twist & Shout 2024

Why do we compete?  Why should we compete?  Is it showing off, is it demonstrating our amazing artistic ability?  Competing at T&S and other balloon events allow us to push ourselves and our art to the limit and sometimes even past our limits. Competitions are a perfect opportunity to focus on trying something new and making something you are proud of. In this class, Stephanie  will share some of her favorite award winning designs as well give you tips and tricks to modify your designs in order to create your own masterpiece.

Curves and Contours using Distortion Techniques with Jason Secoda
Presented by Twist & Shout 2024

What do you do that sets you apart from those other of balloon artists in your area? Does your work have that “it factor” that clients can’t help but marvel at when they see it? Do they ask ”how did they DO that?”  One of the best ways to crank up the WOW factor of your work is to incorporate distortion.  Add a layer of sophistication and realism into your balloon art by adding elements of distortion into your pieces.

This class will be a mixture of lecture and practical learning with plenty of hands-on work throughout. We’ll discuss the engineering & aesthetics of distortion work,  demonstrating a number of different techniques, ranging from the most basic to slightly advanced distortion,  Plus we’ll integrate some example pieces to highlight the potential of this versatile tool in our art toolboxes.  This class is designed for Intermediate to Advanced twisters.

Facial Recognition with Dan Staples
Presented by Twist & Shout 2024

Toss those prints in a drawer and grab your 260's, everyone is getting facials! Dan Will be demonstrating twisted facial designs that require no distortion.  Learn how to create various face structures from small to large using tips and tricks Dan has been using in the field for years. Elevate your sculptures by using basic framework faces combined with small details to create vivid faces full of emotion. These faces are great for life size creations and custom deliveries. This class is geared towards Intermediate to Advanced twisters.   Though most of this class is lecture-based, you are welcome to bring your balloon kit to twist along (160 / 260 / 360 +)


Lil Critters with Stephanie Morace
Presented by Twist & Shout 2024

If you’ve been twisting balloons for a while, you may find that sometimes you get tired of making the same designs over and over.  Although the popular kids favorites are great, sometimes you want variations of these designs so you don’t get bored, or burnt out.  If you’ve survived the pandemic, you’ve found that sometimes our favorite balloons are no longer available or maybe have become hard to find. Stephanie’s Lil Critters uses a  concept for an adorable, simple body style which can have a major impact on your linework menu. In this class we will learn several of the simple designs using this concept. These are guaranteed to be a big hit at your next event.  

This class is for beginner to intermediate twisters and will include both lecture and some hands-on

Marquees With a Twist - Donna Cochrane
Presented by Betallic

Upgrade your creations into easy-to-build delivery pieces, opening up new opportunities for weekday earnings and party booking upsells.In this session, discover the art of constructing a solid base structure, master the techniques of designing and arranging your twisted creations, and learn how to seamlessly incorporate foil balloons if desired. Join us for Balloon Marquees Unleashed and take your balloon artistry to new heigh

My Favorite Line Work. - Donna Cochrane
Presented by Betallic

Join Miss Donna to master eye-catching line work that's fast, easy, and impressive. With over 30 years of experience, Donna shares tips on crowd control, event options, and time management, drawing from her diverse background in twisting and performing. Perfect for basic to intermediate skill levels, this class is your key to creating memorable balloon designs efficiently. Elevate your twisting game with Miss Donna's favorite line work techniques!

More is More - Lindsay Smith

Presented by Gemar

Don’t be basic… be “EXTRA”  That goes for you and your balloons. Your clients and audience appreciate added details: lights, bling, headbands, 3D holographic butterflies, ribbon, silk flowers etc. Not just add-ons… if you make a puppy, put it in a purse…. A hamster? Put that on a wheel… a bird… put that baby on a swing… speaking of babies, how about a baby stroller. These little details also really come in handy when making larger balloon deliveries and balloon wearables! This class is for all skill levels. We will start with simpler designs and work towards more intricate ones. All balloons in our arsenal will be used- 160’s, 260’s, 350’s and rounds will be used in this class. We’ll demonstrate markers and artwork as well as all these extra bits and bobs I carry in my stash, lights, headbands, stickers, feathers, confetti, candy and more.

Pip's Hug'a'Bubbles - Pip Milford-Hughes

Presented by Gemar

Everyone needs a hug, so why not make them ‘ Pip’s – Hugg’a’bubbles’ as they are VERY huggable (get it 😉 )

These eye catching wearable designs are perfect for parties or events, and can be modified for display pieces.   
Fabulous for photo opportunities, for both Big and Small recipients.   This is an intermediate level class.   


Size Matters - Jason Secoda

Presented by Twist & Shout 2024


Have you ever been asked to make larger human caricature commission sculptures, but aren’t sure you could pull off something that you’d be confident in selling? Do you want to step up your competition game with more advanced work? Have you never had a chance to try ANY larger scale twisted pieces before but want to learn? This class is where it’s at. 


We’ll talk about how to build the basic structure & engineering of a large scale human sculpture, as well as some variations on the main template (as time allows). We’ll discuss methods of creating detailed aspects of the piece, including a realistic hip/leg structure (a big sticking point for me for a long time), neck, hands, feet & ankles, etc. We will not be focusing on face construction for this class. 


This class will be lecture based with some practical work. The difficulty level will vary between advanced beginner to high intermediate, as we’ll be using 160s, 260s, 350/360s, & 646/660s!

Twist & Shout Pop-Up Class  Hosted by Dave Brenn
Presented but Twist & Shout 2024

Have you always wanted to teach at Twist & Shout but felt a bit hesitant about a full class, or maybe you only have 1 genius idea you’d like to share? Take that leap of faith with our Pop-Up opportunity, hosted by Dave Brenn! This is your moment to shine and inspire!  A limited number of Instructors will be randomly selected to teach a single, original, unique balloon sculpture or technique in 10 minutes or less. Instructors will be highlighted at opening reception as a Twist & Shout Pop-Up instructor.  Applications can be found  HERE  and must be submitted by February 15th.  Please note that your application will not be complete until the required photo is sent to


Welcome to the wonderful world of  ‘Pip’s - Bug’a’loons’ - Pip Milford-Hughes

Presented by Gemar


These adorable 3 min bubble bug designs are full of character, and can be worn, added to a display, or are perfect just as they are.  I’ve developed some clever ideas with these designs.   Perfect for seasoned professionals to add to their Balloon catalogue, but also a great class for beginners.  


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