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Twist & Shout 2023 Class Offerings


Classes subject to change

Denise van Dooren  Sponsored by Betallic



Denise van Dooren started her balloon business in 2013 at the age of 19. In the beginning, her focus was on making classic decor and performing as a balloon artist. She soon discovered her talent was creating balloon sculptures with Sempertex® LINK-O-LOON and she has developed into an excellent designer of life-sized sculptures and decor.


In 2022, Denise won first place in the first season of “Blow Up,” a television competition in the Netherlands where balloon artists go head-to-head across a variety of challenges to turn ordinary balloons into extraordinary works of art.

 Early in her career as a balloon artist, Denise started combining two passions: teaching and balloons. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with other artists.

 In 2021, Denise brought her passion to another level when she started working for Sempertex Europe. As Manager of Social Media & Education, her goal is to inspire as many artists as possible and share her balloon knowledge.


Denise is very happy to teach for a second time for Betallic, this time at the famous Twist & Shout.

Denise’s BIG & CUTE Critters

Bigger is always best and cute wins hearts every time! Join internationally recognized Season One winner of Blow Up! Denise van Dooren in this class full of her most successful twisted designs featuring Betallic balloons. You’ll learn how to make a collection of her exclusive sculptures, including a Penguin, Dragon, Duck, Parrot, Giraffe and Mouse, all using the Original 12” LINK-O-LOON and 360 balloons. Denise will teach you the basic structure of the figures, then demonstrate creative variations to help you expand your own impressive sculptures.


Enhance Your Twisting with Storytelling

Make your biggest and most enchanting impression with the perfect match: storytelling illustrated with twisting! Figures and themed decor elements are a staple in the balloon world, but when you tell a delightful story with your balloon creations, it’s magical! Join Denise to learn how to add intrigue to your work in a variety of settings, occasions and themes.


Master Class

Go Wild with Animal Balloon Costumes

Denise is ready to lead you on an expedition to discover this wildly popular balloon art genre: animal-themed balloon costumes! You’ll capture attention in a big way when you learn important skills for creating her basic structure and mechanics for embellishing this collection of brilliant wild animal costumes. Denise will teach you an Elephant, Lion and Cow, then show you how to use the same system to make other costumes quickly and profitably. Once you master the recipe, you should be able to create similar costumes in 2-3 hours. Your clients will go wild for these amazing, interactive costumes that will increase your repertoire and your profits! 


DJ Morrow  Sponsored by Gemar Balloons

DJ Morrow is a balloon artist known for combining his twisting experience of over a decade with technical lighting and photography skills to create visually striking and thought-provoking fine art images with large and intricately detailed balloon sculptures. His work employs impactful imagery that speaks on broad societal issues as well as intimate topics of mental health and personal identity. He’s looking forward to sharing his creativity with his fellow twisters at his debut Twist and Shout appearance, made possible by Gemar.

Twist Like a Sculptor


Achieve elegant shapes and organic forms with balloon weaving taken to the next level. In this class, DJ will show you how it’s possible to render the most complex of shapes in high resolution detail. Learn how to manipulate the classic balloon weave with tapering and curvature, and how to translate those modeling principles to other weaving techniques. Adopt the weave and unlock new creative possibilities!


Beautiful Bugs and Creepy Crawlies


Let’s celebrate our wonderful invertebrate friends with a variety of designs both whimsical and spine-tingling. This class will feature several sculptures designed to tell a story and wow the audience. With size and complexity geared towards restaurant work and centerpieces, you’ll come home with crowd pleaser designs and novel techniques to up your game.


Connie Iden Monds  Sponsored by Pioneer Balloons
Balloon twisting and decor isn’t what it used to be – or at least, not with the national and international award-winning balloon artistry and entertainment company, Party Animals. From simple cartoon characters to larger than life size sculptures and decor, Connie Iden-Monds brings her remarkable talent to many more adult festivities than children’s parties. In fact, corporate entertainment is the foundation of the Nashville-based company’s 19 percent annual growth over the past decade, and Connie boasts a list of notable names among her list of satisfied clients and repeat customers.  

            Connie’s experience with balloon twisting started in college when, after delivering a singing telegram, she was offered a job working children’s parties. She was handed a library book on twisting, and she mastered the art in short order because she really, “can’t stand to hear balloons pop.” Soon after, her career “exploded,” and she threw herself into international competitions, always bringing home a string of awards. Most notably, she was the first person to hold the “trifecta”- which is awards at every major twisting convention at the time (and during a period which there was no social media for inspiration).  She is still the only American woman to win (1st place) in the twisting competition of the European Millennium Jam Balloon Artist competition, was named Ballooniversity Designer of the Year and the only woman to ever win IBAC Entertainer of the Year. She is the first and only American to lead a US team to a podium win at Large Sculpture win at the World Balloon Convention. Being multi-disciplined, Connie teaches balloon professionals on topics of twisting, décor and business.

   The staff and entertainers at Party Animals also provide a creative twist to more than 3,500 private and corporate events every year. When not “Partying” Connie brings her multi-disciplined background to balloon professionals as an industry teacher sharing her knowledge of twisting, décor and business.
Fun Fact: Connie has been featured in Scholastic Magazine and her work has been “studied” by children across multiple continents using STEM.

Something wicked this way comes!


You love them, the kids love them, there's something about a good villain that we all seem to love.  So pull out your latex attitude and get ready to crank out some of those Villains you love to hate! Using 160s,260s and a few rounds, let’s see if they are truly evil or just misunderstood.


Clients from A-Z

This is the marketing class you need now! Do you need to expand your market after the pandemic? do you just want to do more than Birthdays?  Can you really do balloon art and entertainment for more than just kids?  Explore client possibilities from A-Z with the Queen of Marketing herself, Connie Iden-Monds.  Connie will show you where to find new client and business, and who to contact to get in the door!

Master Class:  Decor for Twisters

Rob Driscoll  Sponsored by Betallic

Rob Driscoll has been a full-time professional magician and balloon artist for 30 years. Professionally, he works as “The Bow Tie Balloon Guy.” Rob's work has been featured in many online and print publications, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Take a Break magazine, to name a few. Rob has also had the privilege of taking his skills and experience into teaching and has lectured three times in the Netherlands, at the Blackpool Balloon Bash, CEBA in Barcelona, Amscan in the UK, The Congress of Aero Designers in the Ukraine, The Bling Bling Jam and, most recently, the Florida Super Jam. This year, Rob is honored and excited to return to the USA with the opportunity to represent Betallic at the 2023 Twist and Shout. 

Rob’s Cute, Quick and Clever Critters

Join Rob to learn how to make a full stable of his cute -and-clever top-hit designs for line work. See how you can quickly transform the sculptures into alternative designs with his adaptable tips and tricks, then learn how he finishes them off to make wearable art on a wrist or headband. Get ready for rave reviews for your line work with a wide range of his popular, quick designs like Dinosaurs, Dragons and Flamingos, as well as more unusual animals including Koalas, Sloths, Capybara and Alligators that will delight your customers!


Rob Driscoll’s Mini Peeps

In this session, Rob will share his exclusive method for creating his very popular mini caricatures introduced in his latest collection of photo projects. You’ll learn how to create any person from anywhere in the world, any characters from movies and anime, and even how to create delightful caricatures of attendees at an event or party. Rob will lead you through the step-by-step method to make the basic character, then show the many ways of adapting the design to create a variety of people. He’ll top off this brilliant class by sharing a selection of accessories such as hats, facial hair, and clothing so you can completely personalize your new designs.


Master Class

Rob Driscoll’s Masterful Box Weave Number System

In this innovative Master Class, you’ll learn Rob’s system that will provide you with the skill set to create ANY number and ANY letter in the alphabet with impressive precision. You’ll then be able to use the techniques from this exciting hands-on class to create ANY shape you can possibly think of!

Why the Rob Driscoll Box Weave Number System?

  • It’s fast

  • It’s easy to learn

  • It creates sculptures that are compact and easily transportable

  • It can be themed for any occasion

  • It can be applied to create all kinds of shapes

Rob will explain everything from sizing and creation of the various components, plus share an exclusive link (only for those attending) for full-color plans and instructions for numbers 0-9 and printable aids to help you plan and create your own numbers plus ideas for creating letters A-Z.



Dennis Scott  Sponsored by Pioneer Balloons

Dennis Scott CBA- owner of Incredibly Twisted Balloons in Arlington Heights, IL, fell in love with balloon art at the age of 13 while attending a regional clown camp. For the past 30 years, Dennis has explored and developed his own unique style in every aspect of balloons. From speed twisting, restaurant entertainment, large scale competitive sculpture, deco twisting, yard balloon art and large venue balloon decor, Dennis has done it all. Dennis is very excited to share and give back to the Twist & Shout family that helped him grow so much as a balloon artist!

Dennis's Favorite Character Parodies:


In this class you will learn a unique modular and very fast body style that can be adapted to almost every character imaginable. The characters that will be taught can be scaled up or down for birthday parties, line work, centerpieces or delivery sculptures.

The Art of Balloon Weaving


In this class Dennis will take you on a fun journey from basic beginner weaving concepts and how to incorporate those into linework and sellable designs and then build our way up to show stopping advanced weaving techniques. Weaving concepts that will be explored are: Flat, Tri (Jester Hat), Box(Numbers), Vase/Top Hat, Chain, Tak, X and Brick Weave.

Kristal Yee  Sponsored by Pioneer Balloons

T&S is back in person, and Kristal is so happy to be back with it! Based just outside of Vancouver, Kristal started twisting purely by chance in 2005*, and hasn't stopped since. (*she thinks? It's all a bit fuzzy.) Kristal has twisted balloons in multiple countries, has had a dress published in magazines, and can even be seen on Netflix in Always Be My Maybe. She's excited to share some new designs, and cannot wait to see everyone! 


It Started With A Cat


Cats were Kristal's balloon nemesis. Then one day at an event, a body style appeared that changed everything! Learn this modular body design and how to jazz it up, and see why cats are no longer the bane of Kristal's existence! 


Dress Up Your Dresses!

If you've started making dresses and want to know how to fancy them up, this is for you! Kristal will show you some options for  shoulders, hips, hems, and areas in between, to step up the Wow!

Master Class:  Balloon Dresses

Have you ever wanted to try making dresses but don't know where to start? Have you tried dresses but need more some tips, tricks or maybe just need a fresh perspective? Wouldn't you love to hear Kristal talk for hours at a time?  Then this class is for you! 

Join Kristal as she teaches her dressmaking process! She'll go over materials, explain how to start, ways to end, and how to "sew" up the back. Then we’ll break up into groups so you can put your skills to the test! 

Gergo Csatai  Sponsored by Gemar

Gergo is an amazing artist from Hungary.  Although he started his working life as an economist, he quickly realized his passion was in Balloon Art, learning to twist in 2010.  Shortly thereafter, Gergo became a full-time magcian, juggler and Balloon Aritst.  With is enormous talent, he has been bringing joy to people ever since

In 2014, Gergo joined Funny Box Kft, Gemar's Hungarian distributor.  His passion for balloons is on a majestic scale Making numerous huge balloon sculptures all across Hungary. while still working and an entertainers and as a clown doctor

Large and Impressive Lion Head

Made with Gemar Shiney balloons, you'll earn to make this lifelike, large lion while learning amazing skills and techniques that will help you take your other sculptures to new heights

Large Dinosaur

Take a deep dive into this detailed sculpture that's sure to impress your clients and audiences.  Of course you'll learn the Dinosaur, but will also learn how to translate these techniques to your other designs that will wow everyone who sees them

Master Class:  Large Twisted Sculptures


Dan Staples  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons


Balloons + Imagination = Awesomeness

A simple equation that artist Dan Staples has used to create mind-blowing

balloon creations throughout New England and beyond. Dan is a multiple-award-

winning balloon artist based out of Nashua, NH, USA. Specializing in larger-than-

life balloon sculptures, Dan’s work has been featured on Adult Swim and Bob’s Furniture commercials. Typically, you’ll find Dan at an adult event bringing out everyone’s inner child or hanging out with some of Boston’s biggest athletes and entertaining their families. Dan’s underground series of videos is highly sought after by his fellow balloon experts, as is his presence at events by New England’s glitterati. Dan is stoked to represent Betallic at Twist & Shout 2023 and share his designs, humor and overall awesomeness with you.

Score BIG with Dan’s Super Sports Sculptures 


From games to festivals, sports-themed sculptures win points with crowds! Aside from the basic bats and balls, what do you do to step up your game? Join Dan to learn his most popular designs, including a lacrosse stick, shiny championship belt and more. Dan has twisted everywhere from boxing gyms to the turf of NFL stadiums, so race to his class to learn his team of fun, interactive designs and become a winner with your customers!

Power Up with Dan’s Super Hero Designs

Super heroes have always been a huge part of pop culture, but with the recent deluge of super movies it can be hard to keep up with the trends. Join Dan as he uses his own “enhanced abilities” to show you how to be a hit at birthdays or even your own local Comic-Con. This twist-along class will feature a mix of characters, weaponry and even some basic cosplay designs. You’ll fly away with interactive designs and even talking points to keep you super cool with the kids.

Addi Somekh  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Master Class Improvising Balloon Hats


A well made balloon crown can transform a party, make for great photos, bigger tips, and repeat business. Addi will teach a system of making balloon hats that are big, fast, beautiful. Once you understand the foundation of funky, abstract balloon hats, the next step is to blast off into improvisation - the theory and practice of spontaneous creation. Borrowing many ideas from jazz musicians, some of the topics we will cover include “Variations on a Theme", “Embracing Mistakes” and “Developing Your Own Style”. The goal of the class is to help you look at balloons in a whole new light, and at the same time give you great designs that you can start using right away, so get ready to “get your hands dirty.”


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