Twist & Shout 2020 Class Offerings


Classes subject to change

Buster Balloon caldwell  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Brand Identity 101

The essentials of building a powerful brand, and why having a powerful brand is essential.  Taught by the creator of one of the most recognizable brands in the balloon industry.


Buster Balloon’s Encyclopedia of Balloon Gags Vol. 3

New tricks, bits, gags, and ideas to make your balloon twisting more entertaining and fun for both you and your audience.

Yulys Charles  Sponsored by Gemar Balloons

Spring Flowers

Spring brings bright colors and lots of joy around! Therefore we want to impact the class with various flower models such as tulips, sunflowers, daisies ... because the most importantly is around the details, your flower will always make each person happy regardless of age and we will show you .. join us!


Jasmine and the Enchanted Lamp

With the return of a classic such as Aladdin, we will make this twisted sculpture an unforgettable experience full of magic, charm and brightness! We will recreate a golden and impressive lamp. Are you ready to join the great adventure?

Marie Dadow  Sponsored by Gemar Balloons

Kissy Face Headbands

Learn to turn the simplest of designs into adorable headbands or centerpieces with major WOW factor with a addition of G-Link.


Totally Mod Pets

Learn to create dozens of adorable animals and creatures using the same versatile structures.


Matt Falloon  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Bop Ups!

They Weebble, they Wobble, but they don't fall down! But that's  not all, they reduce scraps, increase play-time, they're quick, and will help make your reputation!


Fun, unique, and infinitely adaptable. Add the concept to your existing sculptures, or let this technique inspire you to create your own.


People Management for Humans

"Our job would be great if it wasn't for the public"

Destroy this myth, learn to understand your crowd with these tips that have been honed over 26-years of entertainment experience.

Whether it's a line, an audience, kids, adults, or those dreaded grandmas, learn some easy techniques to connect with anyone and put out those PR fires before they even start.

Robbie Furman  Sponsored by Twist & Shout


Twisted Centerpieces

Join Robbie Furman as he teaches you the basics of making balloon centerpieces. He will combine a number of deco-twisting techniques as well as best practices for event design. This is great for beginners as well as advanced twisters and anyone who would like to grow their balloon business. Note, this is a hands-on class, you will leave with experience and photos of great twisted centerpieces that you can sell at home.

RiE Hosokai  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Exploring the Capabilities of the “X Weave” with Rie

The X Weave (cross-weave) is one of Rie’s favorite techniques and an extraordinary skill that can be transformed into many different shapes for use in a wide range of balloon sculptures, couture and balloon art. It can be used for practical applications like basic forms, as well as used for making impressive, distinctive Betallatex balloon creations. Don’t miss this elite, hands-on class where you will gain experience exploring the characteristics of the X Weave and how to apply it in your own work.


Grow Your Own Magical Fantasy Flowers with Rie

The fantasy flower is an inspired creation constructed with uninflated balloons and magical, artistic techniques to transform balloons into enchanting, colorful blossoms and so much more! They are extraordinary as a solo design, but perfect when accenting your usual balloon creations for a lovely, refined look. Rie will share her favorite tips and techniques with you as she leads this brilliant, hands-on class featuring Betallatex balloons. Your skills will bloom!


Stephanie Morace  Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Air Band

Take a break from your 400th unicorn and offer something a little different. It is time to rock your next gig with some fun musical instruments. The designs that you will learn can be made in 3-minutes or less, but with some extra details they are also a great addition to twisted delivery pieces, décor, etc. Oh, and to top it all off, some of these designs can actually play music. We will go over some of the best ways to use these designs, including some great tips for restaurants, festivals, and shows. 

3-Minute Show Stoppers

While I love learning and creating intricate designs, I make most of my money creating adorable linework sculptures. This class will cover some of my favorites, that will most definitely make their way into your line-up.

Alberto Nava  Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Two-Balloon Party Favors

 Themed parties by Alberto are a one-of-a-kind experience. Every detail of his more than 50 different themed shows are well-planned from the costumes, to the decor, to the performances, and the music. During the parties, Alberto gives out simple 2-balloon party favors to all of the kids. These balloons match the party theme and are always a hit. Also, these designs are perfect for line work twisting. Come learn the 2-balloon party favors and themed shows that have helped catapult Alberto’s Crazy Balloons to the top.


Balloon Sunglasses

From the man who created balloon hairbands, comes the next hot balloon innovation! Alberto Nava’s balloon sunglasses designs are visual themed props for shows and photo booths. These are unique wearable balloons that will impress your clients and their guests.

Dan Staples  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Pop! Culture

As balloon artists, we are always learning and trying to figure out the next new sculpture to go with the next big thing. But what IS the next big thing? This class will focus on all the big stuff coming out in 2020 while touching on some of the important classics. There will be a handful of sculptures taught in the class and, as an added bonus, a special look book that will include important movies, TV shows and other various events going on in 2020 (and beyond) to keep you up with the times. Pop in to learn Dan’s next-best sculptures using Betallatex balloons!

Larger Than Life
If you don’t sing that in your best Backstreet Boys voice, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. You want to make life-sized sculptures, don’t you? There is nothing you want more than to make a 6-foot-tall version of your favorite superhero so you can battle them in your living room while your kids are at school. Just me? OK.
Meander your way into this class and learn a really great body sculpture using large balloons to make it smarter, not harder. Learn some tips and tricks for proper proportions as well as ways to give your sculptures character and emotion.  ***There will be pinch twists in Betallatex 660s. This is an intermediate class.***

Eric Weinstein  Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Cat vs. Dogs Winner Takes All!

Alright ladies and gentleman, I’m not going to get into the debate about what’s better…cats or dogs, all I know is that I’ve got the cutest cat ever, and a crew of dogs that look so cool, Disney may approach me to make a movie with them.  Ok, that probably won’t happen, but it should!!Designs aside, you will learn some sweet techniques to help you make pieces that achieve the ultimate Wow factor. Whether you want to use them for competition, commission, or parties, this class is  a must for entertainers who want to take their skills to the next level!


Hairdo Hotness

Alright, I know it’s pretty ironic for a man who has been losing his hair for 15 years and took propecia for 7 years to teach a class on hair.  Maybe I think, through balloon osmosis, mine will actually start to grow back. Either way I’ve got an amazing system for creating all different types of hairstyles that will truly make your human creations pop. What’s the point of making amazing faces only to have a lackluster hairdo.  Balloon World, worry, no more. After my class, you’ll make hair so good, the Hair Cuttery may try to recruit you to become a stylist.

Kristal Yee  Sponsored by Twist & Shout

Star-Struck: Dress bodices using Star Weave

Star weave is beautiful. Star weave that is anything besides a straight line can be frustrating. Star weave for dresses can be madness! (But sometimes, it's exactly the weave you need for a certain look!) Join Kristal as she shows you her how she uses star weave to shape the neckline and bodices of her dresses, so it is fitted and not just a tube!

The Kristal Method: A Business Class

Part tips and tricks, and part question and answer (which could also include tips and tricks!), Kristal will share what works for her when dealing with inquiries, bookings, and events themselves.  Hear how Kristal responds to gems such as "but XYZ Company can do it cheaper"! If you have a specific question on how she runs her business/answers an inquiry/etc, now's the time to ask!