Balloon Dress and Costume Competitions


Thursday evening on the Main Stage

  • All Competitors must sign up by 12 noon Thursday of the convention

  • All Competitors must bring their completed Costume (on a dress form) to the Sculpture Competition Room by Thursday 3pm to be pre-judged by our panel of selected judges.

  • All Competitors and their models should arrive to the back stage between 6 & 6:30 pm for pre judging

  • All Competitors must fill out the Competition entry form at noon on thursday for pre judging

  • All Competitors are responsible for finding their own models

  • The competitions will be two separate competitions, one exclusively for dresses, one for costumes

  • Competitors may only have one piece in each competition

  • All Competitors will draw numbers to determine order of show

  • At least 75% of the Dress or Costume must be made of inflated balloons'

  • All designs must be appropriate for all audiences

  • Body and Facepaint plus other accessories will be allowed, but will not be considered when judged

  • There will be prizes for first, second and third places in each competition based on the judges scores

  • An additional "People's Choice" award will also be given based on the votes by the convention's   delegates


*Dresses Will be judged on:

   Proportions and Scale

   Use of Color



   Overall Visual Appeal and Appearance

   Wearability (ability of models to walk, move, etc)

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