3-minute and 12-minute Speed Sculpture Competitions

Hairband Competition



The 3-minute, 12-minute, and Hairband competitions will take place immediately after the Welcome Reception on Wednesday of the convention. All of these competitions are limited to the first 50 people to sign up when you register. There will then be a waiting list created. If you are not able to sign up when you register, please email balloonconvention@yahoo.com you will be added to the waiting list, first come, first served.


  • Only fully registered attendees can enter the competitions.

  • Competitors are required to bring their own balloons and inflators, and hairbands

  • Competitors will line up along tables supplied in the competition area of the room.

  • No Pre-inflation of balloons will be allowed

  • Competitors can use any materials they wish in addition to balloons, Markers are allowed

  • There is no size limit to this competition

  • All pieces MUST have the artists registration number on it (see Patty, J or Steve if you have not gotten your badge yet)


Additional Rules for the Hairband Competition


  • Hairband competitors will wear their own creations or have someone wear it for them. They need to stay in the area of competition. Peoples choice judging will end 1 hour after the last competition that night. All votes must be in by that time to be counted.

  • The Hairband Competitors will have 10-minutes to complete their piece

  • There is no theme for this competition

  • Competitors must wear their entry and stay in the area until judging is complete. 


The competition proctor will announce the start of the time, and announce 30 second and 1 minute intervals and a 10 to 0 countdown at the end.  Once time has been called, competitors must immediately put down all balloons and markers and step away from their sculptures


Once your piece has been put on the judging area, it must have  your registration number in a visible location on your sculpture. (see Patty, J or Steve if you have not gotten your badge yet)


After all competitions have ended, attendees of T&S will be allowed to vote


Winners will be announced at the Friday Night Stage Competition

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