1. What do I need to Bring?

  2. What does the Registration Fee include?

  3. Is there a Kids Price?

  4. What Airport should I fly into, How do I get to T&S?

  5. Is there an Airport Shuttle?

  6. What's for Dinner?

  7. What do the T Shirts look like?

  8. Can I bring my own Booze?

  9. What's T&S's Cancellation Policy?

  10. What else is going on at T&S?

  11. Where will T&S be in 2015?

  12. How can I become an Instructor?

  13. What is the "Gristy"?
  14. Who has been awarded "Top Twister"?
  15. What's the fine print?

What do I need to bring?

Nothing except an open mind, some fingers to twist, and a friendly attitude. Other Items you might want to bring:

What does the registration fee include?

Twist & Shout Kids Policy

Twist & Shout has a $175 registration rate for kids 12 and under.  They will be allowed into all areas of the convention and treated as any other convention attendee, although they will get a kids meal at the Banquet.  They should be accompanied at all times by an adult with either their own convention badge or a T&S issued parental ID.  If any child is found without his or her guardian, they both may be asked to leave the convention.

What Airport should I use?


How can I get from the airport to the hotel?

* The hotel has a FREE shuttle!!! 

Airport shuttle service, scheduled, complimentary,  see the hotel information page for more details
Hotel Phone: 1 585-546-6400

How do I get to the Hotel if I'm driving? - Mapquest




What's for dinner?

We won't know until later in the year


**** If you have any food allergies, or dietary requirements ******

(Gluten Free/Kosher/Vegetarian/Vegan), please note them on your registration form.  You must let the T&S Staff know about your dietary needs at least one week in advance for us and the Hotel to be able to accommodate you.



If you have unique allergies or needs, please speak directly to the hotel catering department as soon as possible.

What do the T-Shirts look like?

We usually run a Facebook competition to determine the t-shirt design.  The winner receives a free T&S T-shirt. 

We prefer that you pre-order your convention shirt when you register.  However, we usually have a few extra on-hand at the registration desk, They go on sale at the Registration desk Noon on Saturday, but they sell out fast. For Extra Large Sizes (2X - 4X), no additional shirts will be available - All oversized shirts MUST be pre-ordered.  All Sweatshirts must be pre-ordered, no extras will be available onsite.  Shirts can be pre-ordered until Dec 31, 2014

The Hotel Requires that I post this...

Hotel Liquor Regulations:  Hotel’s liquor license requires that
alcoholic beverages only be supplied and dispensed by Hotel
employees. Alcohol service will be denied to those guests who appear
to be intoxicated or under age. Hotel will refuse service to guests
without proper identification.

State Law limits the service of alcoholic beverages to (2) drinks per person per trip to the bar. Hotel reserves the right to discontinue service for the entire event should this be deemed
necessary and reasonable.

What is your cancellation policy?

Twist & Shout will only accept written notices of cancellation (Letter, Email, Fax). Cancellations up to 30 days before the event will receive a full refund, minus a $25 handling fee per registration. Any cancellations with less than 30 days notice will result in 50% cancellation fee.  Any Cancellations after that will receive no refund.  However we will allow you to sell your registration to another person, as long as you notify Twist & Shout as soon as possible, or you may roll it over to the next year's convention.

What Else Might I Need to Know?

There are a few unofficial events that have become tradition among the Twist & Shout attendees:


Pajama Jam:  After the Wednesday welcome reception and competitions, Tawney Noreen hosts a Late Nite Pajama Jam in the Jam Room. Pajama contests, twisting contests and tons of fun!  Estimated start time 11 pm.   The Pajama Jam is just a welcoming atmosphere that says we're a community of crazy people. So, it's fun, relaxed, and not structured at all. We'll have contests, story time, and both balloon companies are donating prizes- we find creative ways to give it all away!

Sunday Evening "No Balloon" Gathering. Those of us who are staying the extra day usually will gather for a relaxing dinner, to wind down and ease back into the real world after being overloaded with balloon knowledge. Everyone will pay their own way. We have created a game of not saying "balloon", or picture of a balloon, with 25 cent fines for any penalty And $1 penalty for any actual balloon on your person or picture on your clothing, (proceeds going to the waitstaff's tip who put up with our silliness) and that blame rests squarely wth John Holmes the inventor of the game. We will gather in the hotel lobby 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. 

Where will Twist & Shout 2016 be?

We will let you know via email and facebook as soon as we have made our final decision.

How can I become a Twist & Shout instructor for 2015?


Anyone wanting to be a Twist & Shout Instructor (including all past instructors) need to fill out an Instructor Application form. This form will include all your contact information as well as Biography and past experience teaching and titles and descriptions of the classes you would like to offer. The application form needs to be submitted to the T&S offices by July 31, 2014 for consideration for the 2015 convention. Application forms can be downloaded by clicking HERE

So you want to teach at the premiere convention for the Balloon Twister and Entertainer? We welcome any and all instructor applications. Here’s what you need to know...

Here's what is expected of our instructors at FLOAT:

1. You should be a professional Balloon Twister/Entertainer, which means you should have at least five (5) years of experience working in the world of balloon twisting/entertaining. Exceptions are made from time to time based on what it is you have to offer, but for the most part, time always tells.

We need at least two (2) different class offerings from you, and PLEASE don't contact us asking what you would like us to have you teach! If we have an interest in you teaching a specific class, we'll be approaching you about it.

Any Classes that you teach need to be of your own original work. Please do not offer a class on techniques that have been originated or taught by someone else

3. Remember that this is a Balloon Twister/Entertainer convention. Yes, there are always decor needs in the twister world, but we don't need 15 different instructors offering Intro to Decor. So if your focus is not on Twisting or entertaining, please consider applying to teach at a different convention.

4. You will be required to be in attendance at the event from Wednesday, January 21st through Sunday, January 25th, 2015. Please do not ask to come late or leave early (or both).

Instructors are required to put in a minimum of five (5) hours of labor on Twist & Shout matters, regardless of their particular brand affiliation or sponsor status. You could be taking Tickets at the evening events, Checking badges, or any number of other tasks.
Twist & Shout Instructors will be required to spend as much free time in the Jam Room as possible. This goes for all instructors regardless of their balloon brand preference or sponsorship

If you are chosen to be an instructor at FLOAT, here is what you can expect to receive:

A. Complimentary airfare or gas/toll reimbursement (up to $400.00)

B. Complimentary hotel accomodations from Wednesday, January 21st, through Sunday, January 25th. (4 nights)

C. Complimentary access to the convention and all Master Classes

D. Payment / Money / Instructors Stipend

Complimentary Twist & Shout shirt to wear as an instructor
Complimentary Survival basket of goodies and munchies to help you trough the long days and nights of total balloon immersion

A few things to keep in mind:

1. We are very limited on how many teachers we can take at this time, and many of them have already been selected, so there may only be one or two spots available at this time.

2. Selection priority is given to those individuals who have supported Twist & Shout in the past, either as an attendee or sponsor. While it is not a steadfast rule, it is absolutely taken into account when we select instructors.

3. If you are chosen as an instructor and you have already put down a payment for the 2015 event, yes, you will be refunded :)

Interested? Contact Patty Sorell at patty@balloondesigns.com. 

What is the "Gristy"?

The Gristy is an award Twist & Shout awards each year to a balloon artist that demonstrates the values of David Grist. He was a mentor, friend, talented artist, and teacher from England. The core values he had were Inspiration, Innovation, Friendship, and Joy towards all his fellow artists. The award has been presented in the past to :


Donn Caldwell

Royal Sorell

John Holmes

Ralph Dewey,

Robbie Furman

Ken Stillman

"Stretch" Clendennen

Balloon HQ(Larry Moss, Mark Balzer and Sheena Beaverson)

Guido Verhoeff

Who has been "Top Twister"?

To be eligible for the Top twister Award, you must enter Small, Medium, and Large Artistic Balloon Competitions. The winner is determined by adding the total number of votes in all 3 categories.

Past winners are:


Debbie Stevens

Rie Hosoki

Vicky Kimble

Fabrizio Bolzoni

Jack Mattson

Daniel Herron

Rob Balchunas

Nancy Dalton

Mark Verge

Dennis Scott

Jason Secoda



What's the Fine Print?

By attending or entering this Twist & Shout balloon convention, you consent to have your work and likeness photographed and videotaped by BalloonHQ, the Twist & Shout staff, convention sponsors, attendees, guests and others. By attending or entering this convention you further consent to allow these photos/videos to be displayed anywhere in all forms and media for any lawful purpose, including publication without remuneration or further notice to you.