Twist and Shout is pleased
to bring you balloon competitions in both
Artistic and Entertainer categories plus competitions

for Dresses, Costumes and more.

The balloon competitions are a highlight of the convention. It is a formal opportunity to display your best work to the Balloon Community. Everyone is encouraged to enter.

The Balloon Artistic Figure Competition:

Only full-registered attendees can enter in the competitions. That means that you can both enter the competitions and vote. Your ballot is in your registration envelope. You are not required to compete or to vote, but you are forbidden from giving your ballot to anyone else. Day rate attendees are not allowed to vote for the competitions.

You may build your competition pieces at any time. You must bring your entries to the competition room, between 8am and 4 pm on competition day. The entries will close at 4 pm promptly. No exceptions. No whining. The following are the times you need to submit by:

Large Balloon Figure Competition
Friday February 7, 2014

8 am - 12 noon

Small , Medium, & Uninflated Balloon Figure Competition
Friday February 7, 2014

                                                      12 noon - 4pm

(Voting on Competition pieces will take place Friday

after the stage competitin, for 1 hour only.  Voting for Large, Medium, Small & Uninflated Saturday 9 am - 3 pm)

Please bring your entries to the Competition room, and receive a numbered tag. A convention staff member will verify the size category. Place the tag in front of your piece in a conspicuous manner(do not attach the tag to the piece). Place the piece with the tag in the front of your piece,on the correct table as directed. Once your piece has been put on a table, you must leave the room. A T&S staff member or a BalloonHQ photographer will move your piece the the photography area, take a picture of it, and finally, they will place the entry back on the table. Once you enter your Sculpture in its place on a table, it cannot be touched.  Please be aware that the competitions pieces may be moved by the Twist & Shout Staff as necessary for photography and to make room for other pieces.

Voting will take place after the stage competition for one hour after the end of the show, and on Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm. All ballots must be placed in the voting boxes by Saturday 3 pm sharp. No exceptions. No whining. Your votes must be written legibly. If we can't read it, the vote gets tossed.

There are four categories in the balloon artistic figure competition:

SMALL:       Must fit into measurments of 12"x12"x12" (30.5 cm) each. No squishing.

MEDIUM:    Must fit into measurments of 36"x36"x36" (91.4 cm) each. No squishing.

LARGE:       Must fit into measurments of  8' length x 8' width x 10'high, No squishing.

      (sections can be brought into the area and assembled until 12pm sharp, if needed)

      Creating the entire piece in the competition room is not allowed due to space constraints.

*Large sculptures can be built in any public space available, but will be required to be moved Friday morning to be placed for final voting. No "reserved" spaces will be accepted.

UNINFLATED: uninflated balloons and "puffed" balloons only - 1 category, any size

     (if the latex is stretched by air inside, it will be placed in one of the above categories

     - if you have not entered another sculpture in that category)

A piece may have sound attached to it, however you need to show Twist & Shout security how to turn on and off or lower the volume of your creation, if the situation arrises. Also, any display that has a button to activate a movement, or sound must be clearly labeled , and easily reached, for attendees, without disturbing the balloons.

Any medium of attachment/decoration (IE: tape, glue, wire, monofiliment, paint, marker, hockey helmets, Etc, are allowed.) Only magnetic rigging will be allowed from ceiling.

**Any special requirements such as electrical , helium (minimal available, cost at current cubic foot price), or any out of normal requests must be made to Twist & Shout at by Monday January 27 2014, or they will not be available.

You may only enter one figure per category.

All awards will be announced at the banquet Saturday night.

Competition room may be open to the public for 4 hours Saturday.

Please do not take someone else's entry afterwards because they might want to keep it. Your piece must be removed by noon on Sunday if you want to keep your creation.

**Artistic Categories will be judged by Twist and Shout attendees, 1 vote per person, per catagory, is allowed.

Stage Performance Competition:

1. The Competitors

2. The Judges

3. The Competition

4. The Awards